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Following the Prime Ministers address last night the guidance published clearly indicates that we are allowed to continue to provide cleaning services in people’s homes

“Where it is necessary for you to work in other people’s homes – for example, for nannies, cleaners or tradespeople – you can do so”. We can meet others from outside our household “for work, or providing voluntary or charitable services, where it is unreasonable to do so from home. This can include work in other people’s homes where necessary – for example, for nannies, cleaners, social care workers” and we can leave home and travel for “work purposes (where it is unreasonable to do your job from home)”.


This guidance makes it clear that we can legally and properly provide our service, but that’s only part of the picture. When we resumed our services in May 2020 we implemented a range of covid-secure measures including using PPE, maintaining a social distance from clients at all times and additional sanitising using a professional virucidal disinfectant. We also undertake to never send an unwell member of staff to your home and request the same in return – that you let us know immediately if you have any symptoms of Corona Virus in your home so that we can suspend service.

These measures have meant we have successfully been operating and provided thousands of hours of cleaning help without issue. The appearance of the new variant virus makes these measures even more important but no less effective. We understand that for some clients the new variant will cause anxiety and concern – if you have any worries please call the office and we can discuss your personal circumstances.

Health, well-being and safety are key concerns for all of us. While the next few months are likely to be unsettled and we will face more disruption through suspensions and absences than normal – we will get through this together.



Following the “New National Restrictions” announced yesterday we want to reassure you that we are still able to provide your cleaning service.

The comprehensive measures we put in place when we returned to service in May remain valid, are very much in place and will continue for as long as necessary. The combination of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and maintaining social distancing, supported by training of our staff, enable us to continue to provide your cleaning service while minimising any risk of infection passing between homes, staff and clients. By providing an anti-virucidal product and carrying out our two-step “clean and sanitise” process, our goal is to help feel you safer in your home as well.



We are pleased to announce that we are starting to resume service for our domestic clients.  We have spent a considerable amount of time reviewing and revising our procedures to ensure we can keep you and our staff as safe as possible and are now pleased to introduce our two-step CLEAN THEN SANITISE system to help you feel safer in your home

Your local outlet will be pleased to discuss this with you and will be calling to offer you a date to restart your service

We appreciate your  patience and support during this period and look forward to helping you again very soon



After the Prime Ministers broadcast on 23rd March we took the difficult decision to suspend the majority of our cleaning operations.  A number of our commercial clients form part of an essential supply chain and we continue to support them during this crisis.

We have always seen our staff as key in providing the level of service we have for 40 years and have always properly employed them.  This means that we can access the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to help support their income during this period and to give them a little certainty in this rapidly changing world.

We can assure you that we will be back to clean in due course and will communicate our re-boot plans to each and every one of you as we make them.

In the meantime we understand that families have been thrust together like never before whilst some people are facing the challenge of being isolated alone.  Stress levels are high for most as people are forced to take on additional roles of teacher, carer and home-worker.

Think wellbeing right now, not deep cleaning. Remember Mess Causes Stress; when a room is tidy, it instantly feels like a calmer, more pleasant place to be.  Get into or maintain a routine to pick things up off the floor or stack into a neat pile, out of eyeline, straighten cushions and clear plates and cups away. This simple act of visual decluttering makes a big difference to our emotions when we walk into a room or space in the house.

When all this is over, we can take care of the deep clean.  In the meantime, this is about taking care of your own wellbeing and the day-to-day comfort of your family. Don’t try to be perfect, just do what you can. If you want help or advice on what else you might be doing right now call us; we love to talk about cleaning – its what we do!

Keep well, keep safe and keep positive


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