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Since 1980 Poppies has provided professional Domestic Cleaning in homes all over the UK.

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From experience we know every home is different and without seeing it there is no practical way to quote for cleaning it.

Poppies Doncaster policy is to visit every home (without charge or  obligation) so we can quote for a regular service to suit each individual clients needs.

We provide tailor-made domestic cleaning services including:-

  • general tidying
  • cleaning
  • laundry
  • ironing
  • deep cleaning
  • changing bedding to name just a few

In every case we aim to do those jobs that make a real difference to that particular client and their quality of life.

Domestic Cleaning Services

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Written Specification

Our written quotation specifies what we will do on each visit and what it will cost. Quality Control Supervisors use this specification to check that our work is being properly done and as agreed.


Clients and staff both like continuity, so choosing between a weekly, fortnightly or 4 weekly session ensures each service can be at the same time, on the same day of the week.

Poppies Doncaster take responsibility for making relief arrangements if staff are taken ill or on holiday.


Our QC supervisors do not just check that jobs are properly done.  Client priorities can change over time and it is their job to see that we adapt our service to such changes.

Poppies Doncaster cannot guarantee perfection but we do promise to try hard to put things right if they go wrong.

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Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

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    Domestic Cleaning Services

    " It is so nice to come home to a clean home and have all the ironing done. The ladies do an excellent job. Your service is very professional. "

    - Mrs L.H. Bawtry

    [email protected] 01302 533663