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Loathe Ironing?  Of course Poppies can help.  We normally undertake washing and /or ironing as part of a regular service.

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Loathe doing the laundry and ironing? Let’s be honest, most of us do. However, laundry is an important job for one simple reason: if you let it pile up, you’ll leave yourself without any clean clothes to wear!

As one of the UK’s premier cleaning service providers since 1980, Poppies can take care of the laundry and ironing for you.

Our friendly, professional and experienced domestic operatives are more than happy and capable to look after your washing, drying and ironing needs. We can handle everything from regular clothes garments to larger items like towels, bed sheets and duvet covers. In addition to washing your bed sheets, we can also change and make your bed(s).

With Poppies’ Laundry & Ironing service, you’ll receive a dedicated domestic operative who’ll carry out the service in your own home using your equipment, so your clothes never have to leave your house. All of our domestic operatives are highly-trained and carefully-recruited, allowing us to deliver the high-quality and consistent service that we’re known for.

Whatever your laundry needs, we’ll make sure you always have plenty of clean, fresh and neatly-folded clothes to wear.

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Why choose Poppies’ Laundry & Ironing service?

  • Easy and efficient system Typically, your dedicated Poppies operative will come to your home and carry out the service over the course of two hours. They will:
  1. Wash one load of laundry.
  2. Iron clothes from last week.
  3. Hang the freshly-washed clothes to dry.
  4. Wash a second load of laundry.
  5. Finish ironing.

All you have to do is hang the second load of laundry to dry and put away your freshly-ironed clothes.

  • Bespoke service  Like all of our cleaning services, our Laundry & Ironing service is completely tailored to your needs. We can wash, dry and iron a wide range of garments and items and visit your home as often as you like. For best results, tell us your washing and drying preferences, including temperature and wash cycle settings.
  • High-quality service At Poppies, we’re proud of our reputation as one of the best and most reliable cleaning service providers in the UK. All of our staff are carefully recruited, highly trained and permanently employed, allowing us to maintain our high standards of service.
  • More time to enjoy life  Doing the laundry can take precious time out of your day, especially if it’s a big load. These days, most of us are too busy to keep up with jobs around the house. Let Poppies’ Laundry & Ironing service look after your laundry needs so you can focus on what’s more important in life.
  • Eliminates stress  Just imagine waking up one day ready to pick out your outfit for work, only to realise you don’t have any clean clothes (or underwear) to put on. The thought alone is enough to induce a mild panic attack! With Poppies’ Laundry & Ironing service, you never have to worry about this nightmare scenario happening to you.

Health & Safety

Health and safety is paramount in any workplace, and for our domestic operatives, that means your home. Please ensure that your laundry and ironing equipment is in good working order and safe to use.

Written Specification

Before you sign up to our Laundry & Ironing service, we’ll visit your home for a consultation. This allows us to meet you in person, gain a thorough understanding of your needs and pair you with the most suitable Poppies operative. From there, we’ll give you an accurate quote and draw up a written quotation which outlines what we’ll do on each visit and how much it’ll cost.


At Poppies, we believe that continuity and familiarity are in everyone’s best interest. For this reason, we’ll always try to send the same Poppies operative to your home. Not only will this give you the chance to get to know your domestic operative and build a relationship, but it allows us to provide you with the most consistent service possible.

Don’t worry if your Poppies operative is unavailable to visit your home; we’ll simply connect you with another suitable operative who’ll be fully briefed on your package and preferences.


Unlike many other cleaning services, we recruit our own domestic operatives and provide them with the highest standard of training. However, just to be doubly sure we’re doing our job we also employ Quality Control Supervisors whose job it is to spot check your Laundry & Ironing service.

If you’re in need of a professional laundry and ironing service, contact Poppies Exeter today.

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