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Welcome to the Poppies Franchise Opportunity Page

When Poppies was launched in 1980 it was the UK’s first Domestic Cleaning Business to be offered as a franchise, grew quickly to become the brand leader and has now matured into an established and well recognised brand and network of successful businesses that offer you an exciting future in this growing marketplace.

But what does this mean in practice?

Poppies is a business format franchise. We are not looking for anyone who wants to become a cleaner where you are limited by the number of hours you can work in a day. Your role is to manage your business and organise your staff to provide a service to your clients. We train and support you every step of the way in setting up and running your own successful domestic and small commercial cleaning business. We share with you our tried and proven methods of finding customers and tailoring our service to suit their needs. We teach you how to recruit and train staff to meet your client’s needs. We show you how to manage this work on an ongoing basis to provide the very best customer service to your clients at a healthy profit for your business.

With Poppies business methods you can build a business that develops into a significant asset whilst producing a high level of personal income for you with an excellent work life balance.

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Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

Let’s talk about money for a minute.

Today the only people who know they are financially secure are those that are in complete control of their destiny – for example business owners who have money flowing into their business accounts every month. Poppies has dozens of franchisees who are in this position. Most Poppies customers have a regular service and pay by Bank Standing Order so your income stream is very dependable.

By adding just one or two customers per month you know that next month you will make more money. Also, because over 90% of Poppies services are regular contracts your business is not seasonal and you are building a business, which with repeat income, is a secure saleable asset.

Our method works equally well in different parts of the country and can be run equally well by men or women. Whilst our top franchisee turned over £650k last year that is not all that can be achieved nor do you have to build a business that large; it is our mission to help you achieve your own goals however large or modest they might be. But, it’s not all about money – our business is very much about people and we help people in a real and meaningful way.

We help clients with their cleaning and other domestic service needs, but what this means to them is that they have more time to spend with their friends and family, work in their own field, enjoy their leisure time or simply enjoy not doing things they would rather do. We enable older clients to stay in their own homes for longer and we help businesses provide a better environment for their staff to work in. Just a few of the reasons we say “Poppies is here to help”

We create jobs too – jobs that are flexible and enable our staff to work around their own commitments in life. Poppies jobs are regular, satisfying and well paid. Of course, everyone has their own story to tell and meeting new people and seeing the life enhancing support that we can provide can be one of the true joys of running a Poppies business.

Domestic Cleaning Services

Remember; we guide you step by step though every process and that as a Poppies franchisee you are never on your own.

We provide you with both classroom and practical training, a full set of operational manuals, hold regular get-togethers and provide business planning assistance, insurance and access to our dedicated personnel and health and safety advice line. Our manuals contain all the information you need to run your own successful business. Our comprehensive start-up package contains just about everything you need to get your business up and running too. Online training resources and business coaching support? CRM system?

You will have your own mentor to call as often as you need to. You become part of our network of businesses all of which are on the same road as you and keen to help you succeed. A large proportion of Poppies franchisees have been in business for 15 years or more and the combined experience of the Poppies network is there for you to access.

Poppies represents a fantastic business opportunity with a proven track record but Poppies is not for everybody and we are very fussy about who we let into our successful network.

We choose our franchisees carefully. Whilst our franchisees come from all walks of life and with varied work experience; to be successful you must be have the ambition to build a successful and profitable business and not be afraid of hard work. You will have to put a lot of effort in at the start to build your business and take responsibility for your own results but we will help, support and guide you through this process.

Domestic Cleaning Services

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Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

We can provide the framework and all the help you need but the level of success you achieve will be down to you and rightfully yours. You will need to be a good communicator with good interpersonal skills, be sociable and like meeting new people.

This is a people business so if you are not comfortable with this then perhaps Poppies is not for you. You will also be a good organiser and able to manage your own time effectively. You do not need to have any experience in sales or business management to be successful in Poppies. Poppies is not a “hard sell” business. Nor do you need to be or have been a cleaner – that is not your job but you will need to be able to understand the work requirements and ensure that standards are high so that the service your business provides is the quality that customers expect from Poppies.

So, in summary, for the right people, Poppies is a brilliant business opportunity. It is profitable with a high level of repeat income. It provides time for you, it’s hard work initially yes, but with lots of flexibility to achieve balance in your life and it provides the satisfaction knowing that you are both creating valuable jobs and helping people in their

We have an established network of businesses in the UK who are either growing their business or are happy maintaining them at the size they are. We operate at the very top service level of a growing marketplace with a constant demand for our services.

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What Franchisees have to say about Poppies

  • " In my opinion Poppies UK offer a tried and tested business format coupled with an excellent reputation for providing high quality domestic services. The business is adaptable enough to accommodate different ambitions, personalities and commitments. Ongoing support is as flexible as required – creating an enabling environment where individuals can fulfill their own objectives. "

    - Franchise Owner 10

  • " Your support and encouragement have been invaluable over the years – especially in recent months. "

    - Franchise Owner 9

  • " Money doesn’t motivate me – but working with Poppies does. "

    - Franchise Owner 8

  • " Poppies has been operating here for 24 years and has grown into a successful business. Two members of staff have been with us from the time we opened. I would like to thank you for your support. "

    - Franchise Owner 7

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    Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

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