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We offer large territories with outstanding potential in a huge growth market, and combine that with a business model that allows you to concentrate on maximising your income and profits, while living your preferred lifestyle.

Quickly building a positive cash flow, with low overheads and a strong brand you’ll be able to reinvest into your business’s growth to dominate your local market. Around 90% of turnover in a Poppies franchise comes from repeat, recurring business.

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" Financially, we’ve done much better than we would have in the bank. But it’s about more than that. Christine and I were looking for something that would offer a different and better quality of life. We found it with Poppies. We have built a viable and prosperous business; it worked for us when we had young children and it’s evolved with us and continues to support our lifestyle today. Poppies works as a family, nurturing but not intrusive, which is a difficult balance to achieve. "

Charles & Christine
Poppies Peak District

Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

The three Ps of Poppies…


This is a people business first and foremost. A Poppies franchise improves the lifestyle of its franchisees, staff and clients – and it all begins at the top, with you.

Your role as a Poppies franchisee is to shape your team into the best cleaning service in your area, by hiring the right people and putting the right structure around them. Focusing on client relationships and business development, you’ll grow your reputation locally by word of mouth and with our proven marketing methods behind you.

And it’s a business that flexes to your lifestyle. We think running a business only makes sense if you have the time to enjoy the rewards of your hard work too, which is why, once established, you’ll be able to take time away from the business when you need to.


Poppies stands at the forefront of setting industry standards in both cleaning and franchising: we think professionalism and integrity matter.
All Poppies cleaners are directly employed – NOT contracted – and properly insured. That’s important to us, our franchisees and our customers. It helps to set your business apart, and maintain higher service standards: a happier, more secure team delivers better results for your clients.

We’re equally proud of our franchising credentials. As a Full Member of the British Franchise Association, we’ve had a rigorous accreditation of our franchise model, systems, financials and franchisee support. Not all franchises are able to satisfy the BFA’s standards, so we were delighted to pass with flying colours, and in what we’re told was record time too.

We don’t aim or claim to be the cheapest cleaning service; we aim to be the best. That means looking after our people. It’s simply part of the Poppies DNA.


If life really does begin at 40, we’re just getting started! Poppies was the first domestic cleaning franchise in the UK and has an unrivalled heritage of helping people just like you go into business for themselves… but you won’t find us living in the past.

You’ll benefit from four decades’ worth of development from day one in your business, covering everything from custom IT and a localised website, to bookkeeping and staff recruitment.

You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, nor waste money on marketing and advertising ideas that don’t work. Our business model has budgeted amounts for marketing and staff recruitment, and we know the techniques and methods that work to maximise your income potential.

Domestic Cleaning Services

" I could always see the potential and I liked that I could build a really big business. But I had to confess that I absolutely hate cleaning! I eventually had my ‘lightbulb’ moment which enabled me to see past the service and truly see the business opportunity. I realised that there are literally hundreds of people out there, just like me, who hate cleaning and would much rather be at work and have someone else do it for them. So, I jumped in and, of course, that was absolutely right. It turns out that I was my own ideal customer! "

Poppies Exeter

Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

Multiple income streams, a wide range of customers

Your clients will typically come from one of three core groups:

  • Young professionals – who are typically time-poor but have high standards
  • Working/dual income families – who are very short of time for chores, with huge demands on their time for other activities; but they like a nice home to work from or come back to
  • Seniors – who need help with their housework to remain independent in their own homes

What they all have in common is a need for professional, reliable, quality services – which is exactly what your business will be renowned for delivering, including the ‘little extras’ on top of regular house cleaning that will give you multiple revenue streams:

Domestic Cleaning Services
Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

Credibility, visibility, scalability: a premises-based model

While you’ll start your franchise based from home, you’ll turbo-charge your growth by opening a small premises when the time is right.

This reinvestment into your business boosts its development. A premises acts as a ‘shop front’ for your business, increasing local awareness exponentially, adding significant credibility to your potential customers that they are dealing with a highly professional cleaning service.

It’s one of the key differences of a Poppies franchise and adds significantly to your turnover and profits. We’ll guide you through the process, based on our experience and the impact it’s had for our franchisees.

Domestic Cleaning Services

" We moved to an office with a shop front in Edgeley, just outside of Stockport. That completely revolutionised the business. It’s introduced a real community feel as we’re on the corner of the street – it’s now known as Poppies’ Corner. It feels great to have that interactivity from the locals. "

Poppies Stockport

Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

Technology to keep you ahead of the curve

We embrace new technology to keep franchisees efficient, profitable and ahead of their local competition.

Our technology minimises the time you’ll need to spend on admin, meaning you can focus on what’s important: growing your customer base, looking after your team, and having the time to enjoy the rewards your business provides you.

We have an app-based operations system that will allow your team to manage their schedule, communicate with clients and other Poppies employees, and much more.

We’re also launching an app for Poppies clients, allowing them to view their upcoming schedules, amend their service, communicate seamlessly with their local branch and be confident that all messages and requests are logged and dealt with.

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