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No one wants to clean two houses on Moving Day. Take the strain off with Poppies’ moving home and end of tenancy services.

Moving day is always exciting, though unfortunately also stressful. There’s so much to do, and never enough time to do it all – especially when it comes to the moving out deep clean that we all need to do. At Poppies Liverpool, we understand that no one wants to clean two houses on moving day, so we take care of it. With our moving home cleaning services, you can get on with the important things to make sure that moving day is as stress-free as it can be.

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Moving Out?

Moving out cleaning is so often the thing we forget about until the very last minute, meaning you can’t clean to the standard you’d like. Even if you’ve planned to leave time for your cleaning, you usually have to wait until everything is out and packed away until you can even reach for the vacuum, so any delays in packing will eat into your cleaning time. With Poppies Liverpool, you can leave your old home right on time, and with confidence that we’ll tackle those cupboards, wardrobes and recesses you always meant to get around to and never quite managed!

Especially in rented properties, getting a good end of tenancy clean in is a vital part of moving out, as many landlords and lettings agencies will take any extra cleaning time required out of your deposit, which often ends up costing you more than hiring a high-quality cleaning service like Poppies in the first place. With our end of tenancy cleaning services, you can feel confident you’ll get your deposit back, without any hassle or stress. We can carry out our cleaning services once you’re all packed up and moved out, as long as you still have access to the property to make sure we can reach every little corner. Or, if you’re going to be short on time on moving day, our team can visit you a little bit in advance, to make sure all you need to do is run round with the vacuum and wipe down your countertops to leave your home sparkling clean. If you’re selling your home, we can also help, to make sure the new homeowners get the best possible welcome when they move in.

Moving In?

Moving in is always exciting, but if you arrive and find your new home hasn’t been cleaned up to the standards you expect, it can quickly become pretty stressful. However, when you arrange thorough Poppies Liverpool clean before you move in, it means you can unpack straight away, bringing a fresh welcome to your new home.

We can nip in before you move your belongings into your new home, to make sure everything is perfect for your arrival, or, if you’d prefer to wait until the dust has settled and everything is unpacked and has a place, we can come in then as well, and help to get you started off on the right foot in your new home. With every Poppies clean, our team put together high-quality, in-depth cleaning specifications, so that you can be confident that any tasks that are a priority for you will be a priority for us. If you’re not sure where to start, we can create the specification for you, informed by years of experience in moving home cleaning services. This way, you know you’ve got the best possible value out of our service and can see exactly what has been carried out by our team.

Cleaning Services for Landlords

Investing in rental property is, for most of us, one of the biggest investments we’ll ever make. Making sure your rental property is always looking its best and that there aren’t any issues creeping up in the hidden corners is key to getting the best return on investment for your property.

Making sure your property looks its best when you are looking for new tenants is absolutely vital,to give potential tenants a first impression they won’t forget! Having a beautiful, clean home in property listings and showings can be the difference between getting high-quality tenants quickly, or a long-drawn out lettings process, where your property is left empty and unprofitable for months. As well as end of tenancy cleaning and cleaning between tenants, we can also offer regular housework services for rental properties, to help avoid any pile up of cleaning tasks and prevent any issues that appear, such as mould or mildew, from becoming worse than they need to.

At Poppies Liverpool, our experienced team will work with you to create a cleaning specification that is totally bespoke to you, and covers everything you need. We work collaboratively with our landlords to ensure that they are getting the best possible value from our cleaning services, and that we maintain transparency in our service.

End Of Tenancy Services

Poppies Liverpool can provide regular cleaning during tenancies and cleans between tenancies, for both landlords and tenants. A Poppies clean is the best way to make sure your end of tenancy clean is up to the highest standards, and preventing any issues from arising once you or your tenants have moved out. A Poppies Liverpool is the best choice for many reasons, including:

  • We can help you to avoid disputes over deposits, as many Landlords specify the cleaning required at the end of each tenancy, which we can then incorporate into our written cleaning specification.
  • Increasingly, landlords insist a professional cleaning company carries out the work to ensure high standards, which we pride ourselves on at Poppies Liverpool.
  • Poppies Liverpool can prepare cleaning specifications and/or provide written assessments of cleaning standards, to help minimise disputes and provide evidence in case of any incidents.
  • Poppies’ cleaning is always tailored to the specific needs and subject to a written specification and quote.

We always send a fully equipped and highly qualified team to complete the job with as little disruption to you as possible.

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    " This is just a quick note to say a big thank you to all the team at Poppies for all their help. Our house has been getting slowly refurbished over the last few years and despite whatever mess we make, Poppies always seem to make it look like new again and nothing is too much trouble for them. We’ve nearly finished but will always need their valuable help with looking after our home. Thanks again! "

    - L&R - Mossley Hill

    Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

    Why Choose Poppies Liverpool For Your Clean?

    Our team of cleaning experts at Poppies Liverpool are passionate about their work, and are always ready to go above and beyond to reduce stress for you, and make moving day as easy as possible. This includes sending a fully equipped team to complete the job every time, putting together written cleaning specifications before every job to ensure transparency and quality, and always being flexible in how we work to make sure you get the most benefit from our service.

    Our team are all employed by Poppies, and we are dedicated to upholding our high standards when it comes to staff training, quality of service and fairness in the way we work, both for our team of domestic operatives and our customers.

    To find out more about Poppies Liverpool, our end of tenancy services, services for landlords and moving home services, or to arrange your free quote today, contact the team on 0151 727 6277.

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