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You may not always require a regular housework service — sometimes you just need the professionals to take care of an important cleaning job. Perhaps you’ve got a family party or gathering coming up, maybe you’re returning home from the hospital, or it might be that time of year for the big spring clean.

This is where Poppies’ One-Off / Spring Cleaning Services come in.

With a team of professional, friendly and fully trained domestic operatives, we can satisfy your one-off cleaning needs, whatever they may be. You can arrange anything from a couple of hours’ work to spruce up your home to a deep clean to revitalise your property. You can have us clean a single room or cleanse your entire house. We can simply freshen up your floors and furniture or pull everything out to do a proper clean before putting everything back neat, tidy and organised.

Our One-Off / Spring Cleaning services are tailored to your individual needs and requirements. We’ll arrange a home consultation to meet with you in person, view your property and get a complete understanding of your cleaning needs. From there, we’ll build a bespoke package just for you, based on the amount of the work you’re looking for and what you expect your home to look like after a clean. Whatever you’re looking for, with Poppies, you’re promised an excellent cleaning service.

Poppies’ One-Off / Spring Cleaning Services are available throughout Liverpool and the surrounding areas, including Woolton, Allerton, Speke, Halewood and Sefton Park.

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How Poppies’ One-Off / Spring Cleaning Services Can Help

● Family or friends coming to stay — Having the relatives over to stay is always nice, but unfortunately, it can create extra work for you. Whether you need us to tidy the spare room, make the beds or prepare fresh towels, we’ll get everything ready for your guests’ arrival.

● Annual spring clean — For many, spring cleaning is an annual ritual, a chance to refresh your home for the year ahead. However, spring cleaning is no easy task! Let Poppies take care of the spring cleaning for you. From hoovering behind the furniture and scrubbing the inside of the cupboards to wiping the window frames and dusting those hard-to-reach places that get neglected throughout the year, we’ll have your home looking and feeling brand new.

● Hosting a party or gathering — Birthdays, weddings and christenings are wonderful family occasions, but they can be hard to enjoy knowing the mess they can make in your home! Poppies can help you prep for the party, and we can take care of the clean up if required.

● Returning home from the hospital — If you’ve undergone an operation or surgery, we’ll make sure you arrive home to an environment that’s peaceful and pleasant where you can rest, recover and get back on your feet.

● Moving house — When selling your house, you want to make sure it looks its best. Whether you’re prepping your home for for-sale photographs or sprucing it up for a viewing, we’ll work our magic to help you attract and impress potential buyers. Once your house sale goes through (fingers crossed!), we can also take care of the housework during the process of your house move.

● Home improvements — It never ceases to amaze how far dust can travel during DIY improvements, even if you’ve only drilled a couple of “tiny holes”! Poppies will take care of the clean up so you can enjoy your new renovations.

● End of tenancy — We know how hectic moving house can be, but there’s no reason you should lose a chunk of your tenancy deposit for a preventable reason like cleaning. We’ll make sure your old place is in shipshape before you hand over the keys.

● After a flood, fire or natural disaster — As a homeowner, there’s nothing worse than seeing your home succumb to a disaster. Things may not feel so bad after Poppies come to the rescue, though! As an added bonus, your insurance company will often reimburse the cost of our services.

" I can warmly endorse all you say in your advertising! Your tag line: cleaning service you can trust, couldn’t be better. My “Poppy” will do whatever I ask, without hesitation. I also appreciate the fact that you cover holidays, etc, so efficiently and politely. A pleasure to speak on the phone! "

- MJ - Childwall

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Why Choose Poppies?

High-quality service

At Poppies, we’re committed to delivering a premium and professional service. This includes not just an excellent quality of cleaning, but a friendly, supportive and attentive approach to all of our clients.

Permanent, in-house staff

Unlike other cleaning service providers, we don’t use part-time staff from unreliable external agencies. Every Poppies operative is carefully recruited, highly trained, permanently employed and fully insured, so you can rest assured you receive the best possible service.

Decades of experience

Now in our 40th year of business, Poppies is one of the UK’s longest-established
cleaning service providers. However, we still have the same passion and enthusiasm
for cleaning homes and making a difference in our clients’ lives. This enduring
commitment is one of the reasons we’ve been around for so long!


Just to be extra sure that you receive the best possible service, we employ Quality
Control supervisors whose job it is to check that your one-off/spring cleaning session
is carried out spotlessly.

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