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When you’re passionate and hardworking, your free time is precious. When you get home after a day at the office, you shouldn’t have to think about whether the dishes are clean or the laundry is put away! Your free time should be just that – yours. With Poppies, you can make sure your time off is yours to spend how you want, without worrying about household chores or tidying up. Our service gives you the freedom to live the life you want, without restrictions!

Domestic Cleaning Services
Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services


Being busy and passionate about what you do shouldn’t mean you lose out on those precious family moments. When time is short, the last thing you want is to spend those moments cleaning up and tidying. With Poppies, you can spend your free time with the ones who matter the most to you, knowing that your home will be kept clean, tidy and just the way you like it. Our experienced team will ensure your home is kept in shape, so you can spend the all-important quality time with your family and those you truly care about.


As we get older, life can become more difficult, and maintaining your independence can seem like a chore rather than something to be enjoyed. Poppies independent living assistance means that you can focus on the things that are important to you as you get older, rather than domestic tasks. With our consistent, friendly and supportive team, you can feel supported in your home as you age.

If you have a family member or loved one who could benefit from independent living assistance, you can organise this on their behalf too.

Domestic Cleaning Services

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