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Since 1980 Poppies has provided professional Domestic Cleaning in homes all over the UK.

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At Poppies, we have been providing our high-quality domestic cleaning services to homes across the UK Since 1980. Our attention to detail and our passion and care for what we do sets us apart from the crowd every day, and our bespoke attitude to cleaning services mean every single one of our clients has a package that is perfect for them and how they live their lives.

Whether you want to sit back and relax in a beautiful, clean environment at the end of a long day at the office, or take back your time to spend with the people you care most about, our bespoke cleaning services give you freedom and independence from the time restraints of keeping your home clean and tidy.

The team at Poppies Sheffield is loved by our client base, due to their care, attention to detail and efficiency when it comes to cleaning and carrying out their bespoke regular housework plans. In fact, 90% of our business is regular housework, and it’s a service we are incredibly proud of.

From experience we know every home is different and without seeing it there is no practical way to quote for cleaning it. This is why whenever we receive an enquiry, we’ll take the time to come to your house and get to know you in a full at-home consultation. This allows us to tailor the service we offer to you, based on time, budget, the regularity of your cleaning sessions and the tasks that are important to you. Not only does this initial consultation allow us to put together a bespoke cleaning plan, it also means we can get to know you and the things that are important to you, as well as how you keep your home.

Poppies Sheffield’s policy is always to visit every home (without charge or obligation) so we can quote for a regular service that perfectly suits each individual client.

In every case we aim to do those jobs that make a real difference to that particular client and their quality of life.

Domestic Cleaning Services

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Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

As part of our quotes, we can provide tailor-made domestic cleaning services including, but not limited to:

  • General tidying – This service gives you a helping hand with clearing away mess and clutter such as papers, magazines, toys, putting away dishes and loading the dishwasher. By keeping things neat and tidy, you can live your life more efficiently, without having to rummage through boxes and bags to find that important bill or spend time searching for your favourite book. Like all of our domestic cleaning services, our team will get to know you and tidy your home in a way that is practical for you, so you don’t have to worry about important documents being cleared away somewhere you’ll never find them!
  • Cleaning – Whether it’s keeping the bathroom spick and span, scrubbing your counters or giving the floors a wash, our cleaning services cover everything you need to keep your home clean, fresh and hygienic. Our cleaners are highly trained and experienced in keeping homes sparkling clean, so you can feel assured that your home will be kept in top condition by our team. You’ll also get to know your cleaner over time as, wherever possible, we try to make sure you have the same operative for every cleaning session, giving you consistency and confidence in our service.
  • Laundry – When things get busy, as they so often do in life, one of the first tasks to fall by the wayside is the time-consuming laundry round, and before you know it, everyone has run out of socks and your favourite shirt isn’t clean in time for that big meeting! With Poppies, you won’t have to worry about being caught out again, as we’ll carry our regular, high-quality laundry services to keep you and your clothes looking their best.
  • Ironing – Imagine if the most universally hated household task was something you didn’t even have to think about anymore! With Poppies Sheffield, ironing can be a thing of the past, as our experienced team takes care of keeping your clothes neat, pressed and in their best shape on a regular basis.
  • Deep cleaning – Your deep clean doesn’t have to wait until spring! At Poppies Sheffield, we can carry out those deep cleaning tasks on a regular basis to keep them from building up over time, and make sure that even the hidden corners of your home stay sparkling clean year round.
  • Changing bedding – The task we all mean to do, but for many of us doesn’t happen quite as often as it should! As part of your regular housework service, we can make sure your sheets and bedding are always clean, fresh and pressed to give you a great night’s sleep every night!

For every client, we tailor the service to you, making sure we carry out the jobs that really make a difference to your quality of life and prioritising the things that are important to you.


Domestic Cleaning Services

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Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

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Domestic Cleaning Services

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Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

Written Specification

Our written quotation specifies what we will do on each visit and what it will cost. This allows both parties to be clear and concise in the work that is being done, and means that we can easily adjust the service if something isn’t working for you, or your priorities have changed as they often do. Our Quality Control Supervisors also use this specification to check that our work is being properly done and as agreed by our operatives.


Clients and staff both like continuity, so choosing between a weekly, fortnightly or 4 weekly session ensures each service can consistent and regular. We try whenever possible to give you and your cleaner continuity in the service by arranging your sessions for the same time every week, and ensuring that the same cleaner comes to your home every time.

Poppies also take responsibility for making relief arrangements if staff are taken ill or on holiday, and will ensure that any replacement staff are fully briefed on your home, your needs and the service you are used to, to help maintain consistency in your service.


Our Quality Control Supervisors do not just check that jobs are properly done, though this is a big part of their work, and ensures that you always get the signature Poppies service from your regular housework package. We know that client priorities can change over time, so it is also the job of our Quality Control Supervisors to see that we adapt our service to such changes and ensure that you are always getting a service that works effectively and seamlessly for you.

Poppies Sheffield cannot guarantee perfection but we do promise to try hard to put things right if they go wrong.

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