The Easter Holidays are upon us! Although it is lovely to spend some time with the children it can be really hard to keep them entertained for a whole week or two when you are on a budget. Here are some costs saving ideas for keeping your little ones busy;

1. Night (or day) at the Museum..

Let’s be honest the weather in this country is as reliable as a chocolate teapot! So, if it rains how about making the most of all the free museums and galleries we have up and down the country. Take a packed lunch to cut costs and enjoy all the interactive displays and information they have to offer. It’s worth checking if you need to book a free ticket in advance and if some exhibits you want to see charge an admission fee, before setting off.

2. Get Crafty..

From making cards, bonnets or gifts, Easter is a great time for all things crafty! Children love all things gold so let their imaginations go wild with a craft day or two. We advise on using an old sheet or plastic mat to cover the surfaces and letting messy play commence. Yes you’ll be finding glitter around your home for weeks but it’ll definitely be worth the items your children make. Everyone loves a handmade gift!

3. Walk this way..

If the weather does decide to play ball then why not enjoy something totally free and get some exercise at the same time. What about a lovely walk? Our country is absolutely beautiful and whether you want to climb a mountain or a brisk coastal walk, there are options there for all the family. Why not visit and find some routes to suit and your family. Remember to take water, sunscreen and a snack for when you decide to rest.

4. Stay Local..

Most local councils have events on in towns or city centres, it’s just finding the right place to look! Firstly, try you local council’s Facebook or website to see what Easter events they may be holding. Secondly try local community pages on Facebook. There may be local businesses or charities who have events happening for all the family.

5. The Great Bake-off..

Is there a better time to get your bake on than Easter? All that left-over chocolate tempting you every time you look in the fridge (or cupboard)! Children love assisting in the kitchen, so getting them to make some cornflake cakes or brownies will entertain them no end. And if like me you’re worried about having to eat all the cakes, why not pass them around to your neighbours to make them smile! Here’s an excellent brownie recipe we recommend;

6. I beg your Garden..

Spring is the perfect time to plant new things and watch them grow. This is a perfect idea for families to get involved with. We all know how children are keen to learn so why not set up your own science experiment in the garden. From planting sunflower seeds, watering them and watching the results – your children will be fascinated by the process. Plus you get to make your garden colourful and pretty for summer.

7. Memories are made of this..

Whatever you do, or wherever you go remember how special these memories are for your family. It doesn’t have to cost lots of money to do this, take lots of pictures on your smartphone. You can use a free print website to get them developed and maybe even make a scrapbook with old cards/scrap paper to keep these memories safe.

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