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We’ve been cleaning Britain’s homes and business premises longer than many of our clients have even been alive, so we’re getting pretty good at it! 

Whether you want a whole-home clean, a quick whizz around with a duster, or someone to take that mountain of ironing off your hands while you lay on the sofa, eat chocolates, and watch Friends, we’ll be there for you. 

Our professional cleaners are friendly, trustworthy, and love doing the jobs you don’t so you can leave all that to us while you get on with the things you enjoy in life. 

People all over the UK rely on us, week in, week out, and we’ll do our utmost to keep you happy, keep your home or premises clean, and show that dust where it’s not wanted.

Poppies Cleaning Services

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Unlike some national organisations, all of our branches are locally-owned and operated by people you probably pass in the street every day.

Their job – and they love it – is to keep you happy and save you time, whether you’re a domestic or commercial customer.

If you like to see the same faces each time we clean, they’ll do their best to arrange it, and you can always be sure our cleaners are professional, highly-trained, and famously discreet.

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Discreet cleaning for homes and flat-shares

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  • " Poppies are a great company to work for and the hours fit perfectly around my children being in school. "

    - Ashleigh - Poppies Employee

  • " I love working for this company, my best job ever. I love working with all the staff its like a family "

    - Lyndsay - Poppies Employee

  • " Great company to work for. Lots of work benefits. Good staff team and great management too!! "

    - Steven - Poppies Employee

  • " I have worked at Poppies for almost 2 years and they are great to work for. You know exactly what you are doing and where you will be doing it. It's brilliant for anyone who needs a bit of flexibility with hours etc. I've always found Rob and Michaela extremely approachable and very organised and having worked for some people who are the complete opposite, this goes a long way. You get to meet lovely people and, because you normally have regular clients, you get to know them a little and that is such a nice aspect of the job. I've always said that the better you are treated, the more you will be inclined to go that extra mile with a smile on your face rather than a grimace and that is definitely the case with Poppies. "

    - Christine - Poppies Employee

  • " I am so happy to have a loyal, professional and hard working team to work for. I was given house cleaning services and the management make sure that you and the client are both happy before accepting the duty. I have now been given clients who are now my usual each week and I couldn't be happier, the families we work for are so greatful and appreciate all our hard work and I couldn't ask for a better supportive management team, they have an open door policy and are very supportive, not many people can say they enjoy work but I actually do and enjoy coming to work each day and the best thing is, they are very flexible and have suitable hours to suit all. "

    - Sarah - Poppies Employee

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