MOST OF us are starting to think about doing a spring clean of the house, but knowing where to start can be enough to put you off.

And while it’s important to know what jobs to tackle, it’s also important to know what jobs you should avoid. Fortunately, cleaning expert and director of the domestic cleaning service Poppies, Chris Wootton, reveals to Fabulous what you should avoid doing while getting stuck in with the spring clean. The cleaning whizz from Lancashire revealed his top tips including that you should always start cleaning with a positive mindset so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

No action plan

One way to turn spring cleaning your home into a disaster is to not plan ahead reveals the cleaning expert. Chris said: “It’s important to create a list of all the cleaning and organising tasks you want to tackle before starting.” This also goes hand in hand with trying to do too much at once. Writing down a list of the tasks you can get done in a set amount of time will ensure you don’t feel rattled. The cleaning expert adds: “You must set yourself realistic expectations for how much you can accomplish in a given time.”

Cleaning before decluttering

Decluttering your home should be the first step you take when it comes to a spring clean. Chris says: “Declutter your home before you start cleaning as it will be must easier to give your home the deep clean it needs.” Not only that but pulling out all of your belongings will only cause more dust and dirt to cover surfaces and you’ll only end up cleaning again.

Dry dusting

You may have thought dry dusting was the way to go, but it turns out it could be making your home dirtier as dust is just moved around. The cleaning expert reveals you’ll have a much easier time if you spray your duster with some furniture polish. Chris reveals: “A dry duster just moves the dust around your home, instead use furniture polish and lightly spray the duster so that the dust has something to stick to.”


One of the biggest mistakes people make when cleaning is not leaving cleaning products on long enough. Instead of wiping cleaning products off straight away, the cleaning pro recommends spraying the product, moving on to another task and then coming back to rub it off. He adds: “We call it the ‘dwell time.’ “Products need a certain amount of time to work, leave your products to dwell for it to take effect and in turn, it will make cleaning easier.”

Cleaning floors first

While you might think cleaning the floors first will instantly make the room look better, it’s a total waste of time in the long run. “You don’t want to mop or hoover the floors until the rest of the room is clean as dust and other debris will fall onto the floor,” he explains. Make sure cleaning your floors is the last thing you do when it comes to your spring clean to save you time and energy. The cleaning expert also adds that you should never use a broom to clean your floors. “Capture dirt and dust by using a vacuum not a brush, sucking the dust up is always better than just moving it around,” Chris explains.

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