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No one wants to clean two houses on Moving Day. Take the strain off with Poppies’ moving home and end of tenancy services.

On moving day, the last thing you want to do is have to deep clean your house, but unfortunately, that’s what so many of us have to do when it comes to finding our dream home. The process of moving can get stressful very quickly, and even though at the end you get all the excitement of your new home, getting there can be tough. At Poppies Hounslow, we want to help make moving easier and less strenuous, which is why we offer moving house cleaning services to help our customers get more out of their moving day!

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Moving Out?

When you’re moving out – especially if you’re renting – the deep clean is, sadly, a necessity. When you’re packing all your things up, finding cupboards you’ve missed for years or looking under the bed can turn a quick clean into a mammoth task, which isn’t always something you have time for! When moving day comes around, you want to be making sure you’ve got everything and that you know where the essentials are, not cleaning under the fridge or scrubbing the carpet!

With moving day cleaning services from Poppies Hounslow, you can have a weight lifted from your shoulders and get on with the more important things. We can help with cleaning before you leave, to give you peace of mind that all you need to do when it comes to moving day is have a quick run round with the vacuum, or if you still have access to the property once you’ve moved out, we can do a top-to-bottom clean once everything is cleared, giving you peace of mind that your home will be spotless when our team have finished!

For rented properties, leaving your home sparkling clean is often necessary to get back your full security deposit. With every one of Poppies end of tenancy and moving out cleaning services, we can create a specification document that details the work that has been done and when, so you can be sure that everything you need to carry out before you leave has been done. We’ll also schedule based on what works for you, to help make the process as simple as possible.

Moving In?

A deep and thorough clean in your new home means you can unpack straight away bringing a fresh welcome with you! While we’d like to think that everyone would leave their property shining and clean, we know that sadly this is not the case, which is where Poppies Hounslow come in! We can give your new home a deep clean before you unpack, so that you’re not greeted with any nasty surprises or difficulties when it comes to moving everything into your new home.

We can also offer cleaning services to help you start to get comfortable in your new home when the dust from the DIY and flat-pack furniture construction starts to settle! This can help to start you off on the best foot in your new home, as everything will be neat, tidy and clean as soon as you’re unpacked! Our team is flexible and can visit you whenever is most convenient. We’ll also work closely with you to help create a specification document so that you can be confident that the things that are most important to you when it comes to moving into your new home are all carried out as a priority.

Being able to move into a freshly cleaned home can help make moving the joy that it should be, and give you a fantastic fresh start – even if all your belongings are still in their boxes!

Cleaning Services For Landlords

When it comes to your rental property, you want to make sure that it is always doing its best for you. A rental property is the biggest investment many landlords will make, so it’s vital to know that it’s always working to its full potential.

At Poppies of Hounslow, we offer cleaning between tenancies and end-of-tenancy cleaning, to show off your home to potential new tenants and make sure it’s sparkling clean before new occupants move in. We can also offer a variety of regular housework services to help make sure that your property is looking its absolute best at all times. Making sure everything is clean and tidy can also ensure that there aren’t any issues that pile up until a costly repair is required!

We work collaboratively with our landlords to help create specifications that cover the things that really matter to you, and make sure you always know what’s going on in your property. If you aren’t sure about what you’d like in your rental property cleaning specification, our team will be happy to help you create a bespoke specification that is perfect for your property and budget.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

  • Poppies of Hounslow can provide regular cleaning both during tenancies and cleans between tenancies.
  • To avoid disputes over deposits, many Landlords will specify the cleaning required at the end of each tenancy.
  • Increasingly, landlords want a professional cleaning company to carry out any cleaning work, making us the perfect choice.
  • Poppies of Hounslow can prepare cleaning specifications and/or provide written assessments of cleaning standards.
  • Poppies’ cleaning is always tailored to the specific needs of your property and subject to a written specification and quote.


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    Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

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    At Poppies of Hounslow, our team of cleaning experts are passionate about the work they do, and will do whatever they can to help make your moving day or work as a landlord as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. For every clean, we send a fully equipped team to complete the job with as little disruption to you as possible, and we always put together a cleaning specification beforehand to ensure transparency and quality of service every time.

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