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At Poppies Leeds NW, we are completely committed to providing an excellent quality service to make your life easier. Whatever stage of life you’re at – whether you’re a mature person, a busy family, a professional, a younger person – we’re here for you.

Simply contact us and we’ll be in touch to talk and to give you the information you need to bring Poppies magic to your home.

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    Delighted to serve Leeds NW and the following areas:

    • Alwoodley
    • Adel
    • Moortown
    • Meanwood
    • Headingley
    • Rawdon
    • Cookridge
    • Farsley
    • Pudsey
    • Holt Park
    • Bramhope
    • Guiseley
    • Chapel Allerton
    • Roundhay
    • West Park
    • Yeadon
    • Horsforth
    • Otley
    • Menston
    Poppies Cleaning Services

    Who Are Poppies Leeds NW?

    Poppies Leeds provides a wide range of home cleaning services perfectly tailored to you and your lifestyle. This can include regular cleaning on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis, temporary help at home, spring cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning and many more managed domestic services as part of a bespoke plan created with your needs in mind.

    Whether you have commitments that mean you don’t have time to clean your home, or you’d simply rather spend the valuable time you have to yourself or to spend with your family, Poppies Leeds cleaning services can help. We offer a personalised house cleaning service so you have more time to do the things you enjoy, and spend time with the ones you love.

    Poppies Leeds domestic cleaning services offers the highest quality cleaners and results, and is the most trusted name in home cleaning services in Leeds.

    We offer our services across Leeds and the surrounding areas, including Alwoodley, Adel, Moortown, Meanwood, Headingley, Rawdon, Cookridge, Farsley, Holt Park, Bramhope, Guiseley, Chapel Allerton, Roundhay, West Park, Yeadon, Horsforth and Otley.

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    Why choose Poppies Leeds NW?

    We aim to provide a personal, consistent and discrete service at all times. Each Poppies outlet is owned and operated by a local person who is responsible for your service. There is always a local phone number and local contact.

    • Professional, premium cleaning service

    At Poppies, we pride ourselves on providing an excellent, high-quality cleaning service to all of our clients. We understand the value that our services bring to your house (and life), which is why we strive to do a professional and thorough job each time. Whether you need a regular housework service or a one-off cleaning session, we’ll spruce up your home and leave it looking spick and span.

    • Highly-trained cleaners

    Unlike other cleaning services that use outside agencies to hire workers on an ad-hoc basis, Poppies’ team is in-house. All of our domestic operatives are carefully recruited and highly trained to ensure we’re able to deliver and maintain our high standards of cleaning.

    • Bespoke package

    As a company that values its clients, Poppies puts you first. We tailor all of our services to suit your needs and ensure you’re fully satisfied. To do this, we meet you for a consultation in the comfort of your own home so we can gain a thorough understanding of how we can help. It also allows us to view your property and get a sense of who you are, so we can pair you with a suitable Poppies operative.

    • Experience

    Poppies has over 40 years of experience in cleaning homes, during which time we’ve developed a reputation as one of the best and most reliable cleaning services in the UK. Since launching in 1980, we’ve grown from one branch into a strong and successful network of 22 franchises (and counting) across the UK, so we must be doing something right!

    • Care and commitment

    At Poppies, we treat our clients as more than just paying customers. When the late Sue Rorstad MBE founded Poppies in 1980, she did so with the belief that Poppies employees should provide their clients with care, respect and dedication — and we uphold those values to this day. While we strive to go above and beyond with every cleaning service we provide, it’s why we offer more supportive services like Independent Living Assistance and Temporary Help.

    • Consistency

    We believe a quality and consistent cleaning service is built upon continuity, which is why we always try to send the same cleaner to your house every time. This allows you to build trust, familiarity and a friendship with your cleaner (if you feel comfortable doing so!). Meanwhile, it allows us to really get to know your property and preferences so we can provide the best, most efficient and most personalised service possible.

    • Peace of mind

    Peace of mind is important, especially when it involves a service being carried out in your home. This is why Poppies employ Quality control supervisors, who routinely check that you’re receiving the service you were promised when you first signed up.

    • " We have been really impressed with Poppies and will have no hesitation in recommending you "

      - JS of Farsley, Leed

    • " I would like to say how very efficient and pleasant G and W have been - I could not have wished for anything more. "

      - G and W of Leeds

    • " We've been very impressed with the efficiency and flexibility of the cleaning services you've provided and would like to thank everyone at Poppies "

      - Regular Customer of Leeds

    • " She is a star, I don't know what I'd do without her "

      - CM of Horsforth

    • " There is no doubt that we owe a great debt to C...., our designated cleaner. Her standards are, to say the least, remarkable and we are thrilled with the result each time she comes. "

      - JS and PO, Farsley

      What Makes Us Special?

      At Poppies Leeds, we are truly passionate about what we do, and are committed to creating great results for all of our clients every time.

      Our expertly trained in-house team of cleaners will clean your home with precision, and use the most effective cleaning methods, to ensure that your home ends up sparkling every single time. We operate with a dedicated team of in-house staff, meaning that when you choose cleaning services with Poppies Leeds, you’ll have the same cleaner every time, and they will get to know all the unique quirks of your home and how you like things done. All of our cleaners have been trained to a high standard and are passionate about what they do. Our team are flexible and will do everything they can to accommodate your time, budget and exactly what you need from your cleaning service.

      We offer a variety of customised services to suit you, so the cost of the clean will depend on your individual needs. When you get in contact with us, we’ll arrange a free consultation to discuss your needs and requirements, and will give a free quote based on this discussion, to give you the best value and a package that is completely tailored to you.

      At Poppies Leeds, we’ll exceed your expectations every time, whether you need your dishes washed, counters scrubbed up, or a deep clean of your whole house. So if you’re looking to free up some time to spend on what really matters to you, contact our highly-qualified team of professional cleaners in Leeds today for a free, no obligation quote.

      Domestic Cleaning Services

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      Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

      Our Services

      Regular Housework

      We carry out a variety of bespoke domestic cleaning services to help take the stress off you, and give you back time to spend on the things you’re passionate about. After all, the last thing you want to think about after a long day is doing laundry or washing the dishes.

      At Poppies cleaning, we’ll help you create a bespoke plan for the upkeep of your home, which can include a wide variety of services. Our regular housework services include any light or deep cleaning you need as well as tidying, vacuuming, laundry services, washing floors, windows and surfaces, and whatever else you need to keep your home clean and tidy in your day-to-day life.

      We can provide weekly, bi-weekly or monthly services, customised to you and your schedule, as well as the services you need to keep things running smoothly in your home.

      Moving House and Services to Landlords

      Moving house is stressful enough as it is, and when you have to make time to deep clean your home before you go, it doesn’t make things any easier. Our team of cleaners can help get rid of any lived in stains or dirt, and help leave your home sparkling clean when you move out.

      This service is also ideal for landlords, as tenants won’t always leave the property the way new tenants would like to find it. Give your new tenants the best possible first impression when they enter their new home with Poppies Leeds.

      Temporary Help

      Sometimes life can throw you a curveball, and you might need to re-evaluate your priorities. Injury, illness, bereavement and a huge range of other personal issues can crop up and make it more difficult to keep your home clean and tidy, which is the last thing you want to be thinking about if you or a loved one is struggling.

      With Poppies temporary help services, you can relax and focus on yourself for once, without feeling stressed or worried about keeping your home up to scratch. Our professional and understanding team of cleaning experts can do any of the domestic work you need while you get back on your feet.

      Laundry and Ironing

      For many of us, one of the most dreaded household tasks is laundry and ironing. Have you ever put off the laundry again and again, only to realise that you’ve suddenly got nothing to wear?

      With Poppies, you won’t have to worry about being caught short again. We carry out laundry and ironing services as part of our regular housework package.

      One-Off Cleaning Services

      Whether it’s a spring clean, scrub up after summer, or a quick cleanup before the Christmas party season, Poppies Leeds’ one-off cleaning services can help get you back on track after a busy period!

      We can carry out a variety of deep cleaning services in one simple session, and our highly-experienced team have a variety of techniques available to get at stubborn dirt and leave your home sparkling clean, in just one session!

      Independent Living Assistance

      As we get older, domestic tasks can become more of a chore, and take more time and effort than they should. Poppies Leeds offer independent living assistance to help make the upkeep of your home something you don’t need to worry about as we get older.

      Our team can help you make the most of your time in your own home, and if there’s a parcel you need picked up or a pint of milk grabbed from the corner shop, we can help with that too! Everything our professional team do is to help take the strain off you and give you the independence to carry on living in your own home.

      You can also help create a bespoke independent living assistance package for a beloved friend or family member to help take some of the strain off of them, and help them live comfortably and independently in their own home.

      Second Home Services

      Our second home services allow you to keep your second home as a beautiful, personal escape, rather than something that’s a chore to keep up with.

      Our team can help ensure the regular upkeep and maintenance of your retreat, helping to prevent maintenance issues before they appear, as well as prepare for your arrival, and carry out our cleaning services before, during and after your stay at your second home.

      Light Commercial Cleaning

      As well as domestic cleaning services, we can also carry out light commercial cleaning for your office, warehouse or workspace. Having a beautifully clean workspace helps make your business look professional and well-presented, and show off your high-standards and attention to detail as a business.

      At Poppies Leeds, our team are trained in industrial cleaning methods to help get rid of more stubborn dirt and stains, and can carry out one-off or regular light commercial cleaning packages to help keep your workplace looking clean, professional and sparkling. To find out more about the commercial cleaning services we offer, contact our team at Poppies Leeds today.

      Contact Poppies Leeds

      To find out more about Poppies Leeds, the services we offer, or to arrange your free initial consultation and quote, call the team at Poppies Leeds today on 0113 281 8191, and let us free up your time to spend on the things that matter most to you.

      Domestic Cleaning Services

      Who Is Poppies For?

      Young Professionals

      We know just how hard it can be for any young professional to balance the demands of modern life. You want to put in the hard work and get ahead in your career, but you also want to maintain a social life and enjoy your youth while you still can, especially with all the great bars, restaurants and events that Leeds has to offer.

      Let’s face it, nobody wants to spend their precious weekends or evenings doing housework, or perhaps you simply don’t like doing it and find it a chore to do! Why not leave it to the professionals? At Poppies, we’ll take care of the housework so you can maintain a more rewarding work-life balance and make the most of your “prime years.”


      Raising a family is one of the busiest periods in anyone’s life. Between work, children, school runs, after-school clubs and making time for both each other and yourself, it can feel impossible to fit the housework into your hectic schedule. Plus, we all know how messy kids can be!

      Poppies are here to make your home a cleaner, tidier and less stressful place. Whether you need a regular housework service, a one-off cleaning session or help with the laundry and ironing, we’ll look after the housework so you can concentrate on what’s most important: spending quality time with your family.

      Senior Citizens

      Unfortunately, certain aspects of life become more difficult as we get older. Chores that were once routine may now be physically challenging or, worse, impossible. Despite their good intentions, your friends, family and neighbours simply can’t provide the level of help that you need.

      That’s where Poppies come in. In addition to our regular housework packages, we offer an Independent Living Assistance service specially tailored for senior citizens who need a helping hand around the house. Whether it’s cleaning and tidying, doing the laundry and changing beds, moving furniture or defrosting your fridge, we’re here to help you to remain independent and enjoy your golden years.

      Domestic Cleaning Services
      [email protected] 0113 281 8191