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Every Poppies outlet is owned and operated by a local person committed to providing a cleaning service to suit you.

Poppies Liverpool are open for business. The safety of our clients and staff and their families is the highest priority for us. Staff have received extra training to follow our two-step “Clean then Sanitise” process to ensure that all services are provided to the highest standards of quality, hygiene and safety.

Poppies follow the Public Health England guidelines. In addition to the below guidelines all Poppies staff have PPE. 

  • Poppies cleaners will maintain a two-metre distance from any household occupant. Please do not take offense as our cleaners work in rooms alone with the door closed.
  • No work will be carried out in any household which is isolating or where an individual is being shielded.
  • No work will be carried out by a cleaner who has any coronavirus symptoms
  • Please read our latest guidelines here about how Poppies can continue to work during Tier 3 regulations.

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    Areas around Poppies Liverpool we provide cleaning services:

    • Aigburth
    • Allerton
    • Calderstones Park
    • Childwall
    • Cressington Park
    • Garston
    • Gateacre
    • Grassendale Park
    • Halewood
    • Hunts Cross
    • Mossley Hill
    • Netherley
    • Old Swan
    • Sefton Park
    • Speke
    • Wavertree
    • West Derby
    • Woolton
    Poppies Cleaning Services

    Who Are Poppies Liverpool?

    Poppies Liverpool provide a wide range of home cleaning services across Liverpool to help improve the lives of our customers by providing bespoke cleaning services and independent living assistance to homes all over Merseyside.

    Our area extends throughout South Liverpool and includes Aigburth, Allerton, Childwall, Cressington, Gateacre, Mossley Hill and Woolton, through to our base at the iconic Matchworks in Garston.

    Whether you’re always busy with work commitments, want to spend more quality time with your family and friends, or just really don’t like cleaning, Poppies have the solution for you! We offer our services to a variety of clients, and will create a bespoke cleaning plan for every single one. We want to give you more time to spend on things that mean the most to you, and not to be stuck cleaning when you could be relaxing after a long day, or spending time with your family.

    Our team of fully-trained staff are all employed by Poppies directly, so you can be sure that our standards and levels of care are consistent no matter which service you choose, or how often your sessions are. This also means that we have the consistency to ensure you always have the same cleaner, giving you the chance to build a relationship, and helping to make sure things are always done the way you like them, by someone who truly understands your home.

    Our aim is to exceed your expectations every time, and we won’t ever cut corners or make life harder for you. If you’re looking to free up some time for what matters to you, contact the Poppies office in Liverpool today to get a completely free, no obligation quote.

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    Why choose Poppies?

    We aim to provide a personal, consistent and discrete service at all times. Each Poppies outlet is owned and operated by a local person who is responsible for your service. There is always a local phone number and local contact.

    • Professional, premium cleaning service

    We understand the difference that our services make to our clients’ lives, which is why we take so much pride in providing such a high-quality service. Our highly- trained and experienced cleaners are passionate about keeping your home as clean, fresh and tidy as possible.

    • Highly-trained cleaners

    All of our cleaners are recruited in-house. We don’t hire them on an ad-hoc basis from unreliable external agencies. Each and every Poppies operative is highly trained, carefully recruited and permanently employed to ensure we can give our clients the best possible service.

    • Bespoke package

    Making our clients happy is our highest priority. We tailor our wide range of services to suit your needs, preferences and schedule. Before you sign up, we’ll discuss your situation in detail so we can learn exactly what you need and how our service can help. We’ll then create a bespoke cleaning package for you, pairing you with a dedicated and compatible Poppies operative.

    • Decades of experience

    At Poppies, we have over 40 years of experience in the domestic cleaning industry. We’re one of the longest-running cleaning companies in the UK and have developed a reputation as one of the best and most reliable cleaning services in the country. Since launching in 1980, we’ve grown from a single branch into a strong network of 22 franchises (and counting!) across the UK. Clearly, we’re doing something right!

    • Care and commitment

    We aren’t your typical cleaning company. When the late Sue Rorstad MBE founded Poppies in 1980, she believed that our cleaners should be friendly, caring, attentive and supportive to their clients. We do our best to uphold these values to this day. It’s why we go above and beyond for our clients with services like Independent Living Assistance and Temporary Help.

    • Consistency

    We believe that familiarity is best for everyone. When you sign up, you’ll receive a dedicated Poppies operative who’ll be your regular cleaner. This way, we can really get to know your property and preferences while you can feel completely relaxed and comfortable with your Poppies operative.

    • Peace of mind

    At Poppies, we do our best to ensure you receive the best possible service. While our domestic operatives are all highly trained, we also employ Quality Control Supervisors who routinely check that your service is carried out properly.

    • " I have been delighted with the service I have received from Poppies from the first time I used them. The staff are reliable, friendly, efficient and most of all trustworthy. If for any reason the regular cleaner isn’t available then the office staff do their very best to find a replacement so you are not without the service and that’s reassuring. The office staff are friendly and helpful should you ever need to contact them. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the service and I wish that I had started to use it earlier. We have all been experiencing a difficult time recently with the Covid Pandemic and Poppies have been brilliant throughout. I was delighted when the service was able to resume and feel very safe with all the safety procedures that have been put in place . Thank you Poppies! "

      - LF - Allerton

    • " I have had the pleasure of receiving both my office and home cleaned by Poppies since 2013. Rob and his team deliver a high quality clean in a polite and professional manner. I would highly recommend Poppies for all your cleaning needs. "

      - JO - Halewood

    • " I just wanted to say thank you as our cleans have been brilliant recently. Please pass the message on to the team. It is great to know our home is lovely and clean with all that is going on, especially when we are both so busy with our jobs these days. Keep up the good work! "

      - BT – Aigburth

    • " I can warmly endorse all you say in your advertising! Your tag line: cleaning service you can trust, couldn’t be better. My “Poppy” will do whatever I ask, without hesitation. I also appreciate the fact that you cover holidays, etc, so efficiently and politely. A pleasure to speak on the phone! "

      - MJ - Childwall

    • " We have been using Poppies Cleaning Service for the past 5 months and it’s been such a positive experience for us. Knowing that at the end of the week, Steph will come and make everywhere sparkly is so lovely and worth every penny. The quality of her work is excellent and having to put up with working around lots of people working from home, hasn’t phased her at all. Really delighted. "

      - G&M - Wavertree

      Latest News

      • Now that Liverpool has been put into Tier 3 – why can Poppies (who visit homes for cleaning and domestic services) continue to work?

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        What Makes Us Special?

        At Poppies Liverpool, our team are always looking to go above and beyond for you and your family, to ensure you’re getting the most out of your cleaning service. As you’ll always have the same cleaner you can build a strong relationship and know that they’ll give you the highest level of service every single session.

        At Poppies, our business is giving you time to spend the way you choose. We care deeply about what we do and are always working to ensure you get the best possible service. All of our domestic operatives are highly-trained in a variety of techniques so you know when you work with Poppies Liverpool, you’re getting the best quality service.

        Our team of highly-qualified staff take the time to get to know you and your home, to make sure that everything is done the way you like it. Our team work all over South Liverpool, including in Aigburth, Allerton, Calderstones Park, Childwall, Cressington Park, Garston, Gateacre, Grassendale Park, Halewood, Hunts Cross, Mossley Hill, Netherley, Old Swan, Sefton Park, Speke, Wavertree, West Derby and Woolton.

        Domestic Cleaning Services

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        Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

        Our Services

        Regular Housework

        For over 35 years, Poppies cleaners have been looking after our client’s homes on a regular basis. We offer weekly, biweekly or monthly cleaning services to our clients to ensure that whatever your needs, we can fulfill them and help you get back to the things you care about.

        We can assist with many different regular household tasks, including tidying, cleaning surfaces and cupboards, cleaning bathrooms, doing laundry and ironing and a variety of other services you need to keep your home running smoothly.

        Our staff will get to know your home and how you like things done, to ensure you get the most out of the time they’re spending with you, and that time isn’t wasted looking for cleaning products, working out how to use your appliances, or finding where you put things away.

        Moving House and Services to Landlords

        When you’re moving house, there’s so much to think about as it is, without having to worry about the deep clean before you leave. At Poppies, we offer services for clients moving house, to help take this stress away, and give your house the top-to-toe cleaning it needs before you move on.

        We also offer services for landlords, allowing you to make sure your property is spotless for new tenants, even if your previous tenants haven’t left the property in the state you’d really like. Our domestic operatives will go over your home with a fine-tooth comb to make sure the property is sparkling for the new tenants, and helping to make them feel at home straight away!

        Temporary Help

        When we go through especially busy or difficult periods in our lives, something has to take a backseat. Often it’s our homes and the upkeep they need. At Poppies Liverpool, we offer temporary help services, to give you the support you need during some of the most difficult periods of your life. 

        Our temporary help services can help to keep your home running smoothly and make life easier while you focus on yourself and the things that are more important to you. Our team are kind, friendly professionals who are dedicated to helping to improve your life and giving you time for the more important things.

        Laundry and Ironing

        Laundry and ironing are some of the most time consuming household tasks, and for many people, are the most monotonous. At Poppies Liverpool, we can help to lighten the load by providing laundry and ironing services to our clients.

        Don’t worry about finding yourself without any clean clothes again with Poppies laundry and ironing services. Our team will make sure your clothes are always washed and ironed to help you look your best every day.

        Light Commercial Cleaning

        A clean, comfortable office is a sign of professionalism, and with Poppies Liverpool, you can be sure that your workspace looks its best every day. We offer commercial cleaning services as well as domestic to help businesses and workplaces get the sparkling clean finish that Poppies are renowned for!

        With a clean, welcoming office, you, your staff and any visitors to your office can be comfortable, showing off your professionalism, eye for detail and high standards as a business.

        We can clean office buildings, warehouses, industrial spaces and other workplaces to ensure that no matter what industry you’re in, coming into the office every day is a joy, not a chore.

        One-off Cleaning Services

        Our one-off cleaning services are perfect for turning over a new leaf and getting your home in great shape. It might be a spring clean, tidying up after the school holidays or the start of a new years’ resolution – no matter what the occasion, Poppies Liverpool can help.

        We’ll carry out a deep cleaning session to give your home a complete clean from top to bottom. Our team are experienced at getting great results for clients in only one cleaning session. With our one-off cleaning services, our team can give your home a new lease of life and leave it sparkling clean.

        Independent Living Assistance

        Sometimes it’s the day-to-day tasks that can make living independently increasingly difficult. Cleaning, tidying, laundry and other regular household tasks can become arduous and make it difficult to maintain your independence as you get older.

        Poppies offer independent living assistance to help make the most of your time at home, and make life easier as we get older. You’ll have the same cleaner come to your home at a time that suits you, every session, so you can build a relationship and they’ll get to know you and how to make your life at home as easy as possible.  

        You can also organise independent living assistance for a family member or loved one, to give them the help they need to remain independent and to live their life comfortably in their own home.

        Contact Us

        To find out more about our services across Liverpool, contact the team at Poppies today, and see how we can help you get your time back for the most important things in your life.

        Domestic Cleaning Services

        Who Is Poppies For?

        Young Professionals

        Due to the demands of modern life, it can be hard for young professionals to find a sustainable work-life balance. You want to put in the hard yards and prove yourself in your career, but you also want to have fun and enjoy your youth while you still can, especially in a vibrant city like Liverpool.

        This can leave you with little time for housework. And let’s face it; tidying the flat isn’t the most exciting way to spend your precious weekends and evenings! You’d much rather be out with friends, enjoying a nice brunch or curled up in front of Netflix, right?

        Whether you need a regular housework service or a one-off spring cleaning session, Poppies are here to handle your housework duties so you can make the most of your prime years.


        Raising a family is the most rewarding thing you can do in life, but it’s also one of the most demanding. From work and children to after-school clubs and family trips, it can feel like there are never enough hours in the day. Trying to find time to stay on top of the housework can be a real challenge, but considering how messy kids can be, unfortunately it’s a job that can’t be neglected!

        Poppies are here to help. Whether you need a regular housework service, spring cleaning or someone to look after the laundry and ironing, we’ll keep your home in shipshape so you can spend more time enjoying those precious moments with your family.

        Senior Citizens

        We all need a helping hand as we get older. Those domestic chores that you took care of for decades, sadly, may now be beyond your physical limitations, perhaps due to health problems or your body simply no longer being what it once was. Your family, friends and neighbours may be able to lend a helping hand here and there, but they can’t quite provide the level of assistance that you need.

        This is where Poppies can help. We have an Independent Living Assistance service that is specifically catered to senior citizens who need help around the house. We can take care of the housework, as well as look after your laundry, move and clean behind heavy furniture, defrost your fridge or freezer, and change your beds. We’re here to help you remain independent and enjoy your retirement.

        Domestic Cleaning Services
        liverpool@poppies.co.uk 0151 727 6277