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Cleaning Service –v- Private Cleaner

There are quite a few differences between using a professional service and an independent cleaner. Usually a cleaning service will cost a little more – but that’s for good reasons.

With a private cleaner you will get personalised attention from an individual, but sometimes that personal relationship can overstep the mark and there may be limits to how much or what that person is able or willing to do. Poppies carries out careful background checks on everyone we employ and train them to ensure they have all the skills required to do a great job in your home. A Poppies cleaning service is most reliable – we always have someone to send on your regular cleaning day, even if someone calls in sick.

Who employs your cleaner?

A professional service will employ staff themselves in order to clean for their clients – that means they take care of all the tax and national insurance payments that otherwise you would be responsible for. This also enables us to properly insure our; carrying employers’ liability insurance which means that you are not liable if a cleaner is hurt in your home. We also carry fidelity bonds and specifically tailored liability cover.

Cleaning Service –v- Agency

Cleaning agencies (or introduction agencies) appear to offer a compromise between cost and service, bridging the gap between a managed service and a private cleaner.   Do ask however what happens in the event that a cleaner is on holiday or simply doesn’t turn up on cleaning day, please be clear about who is the employer and carries the responsibilities that brings. Also check whose insurance is expected to cover accidents, breakages or injury

Bespoke service

We could provide a tick list for you to choose what you want us to do but everyone’s home and needs are different so we much prefer the personal touch of coming to talk to you. That way we can recommend a cleaning programme that suits your needs, not necessarily make life easier for ourselves. We can also think carefully about which of our staff has the skills to suit your needs best and will meet all your expectations.

Fixed time or Fixed Routine?

Things happen in life – you might have a dinner party planned or in-laws coming to stay. You might go away on holiday or have some time off work at home. We will always accommodate your changing wishes and priorities as you communicate these to us. We don’t charge extra to change a bed, clean windows or do some ironing, but you can choose to sacrifice having a bedroom cleaned give us time to clean your oven *(within your cleaning time or you can give us a call to add some extra time) If you are on holiday clearly your bathrooms and kitchen have not been used so we can get stuck into some deeper cleaning tasks to make best use of the time you have paid for.

Quote on the Phone?

How would you feel if a removals firm quoted you a great price to move you across the country then turned up in a tiny van? Could a decorator tell you how much it would cost to paint the outside of your house without seeing how big your house is and what the windows are made of? Likewise, despite our many years of cleaning experience, we have no idea how long it will take to clean your home until we come to see you and talk to you about what you want and how you would like the job to be done. Do feel free to call us anytime to arrange a no obligation free assessment of your needs.

Our equipment & products or yours?

It can seem like a bargain if a cleaning service offers to bring equipment and materials with them – saving you the trouble of buying anything. Can you really get away without having any cleaning products of your own? What quality of products are they using on your home or is it just the cheapest available & what about your environmental concerns? Consider just how many floors that that mop has seen or what might be lurking inside the vacuum brought into your home. Poppies decided more than 30 years ago to use our clients’ equipment and materials meaning that you get to choose the brand, quality & scent and we can never contaminate your home.

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