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It’s about Time to Recover.

There are times when you need to be a priority. Life can just knock you off your feet. Maybe a new baby tires you out, or an operation, injury or illness stops you doing things the way you want.

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Recuperation takes time, and it can take longer to get better if you don’t have help.

Faced with an urgent need to take care of yourself the very last you thing you need to worry about is housework. Of course your home does need to be cleaned and maintained; clothes (and beds) will need washing and perhaps ironing. It’s just that YOU shouldn’t be doing it.

Who can do it for you? Poppies of course!

Not only can we take over your routine cleaning we can help with your shopping, do the washing up, change towels and beds – we’ll even pick up the children’s toys – just this one time!

Call Poppies West Lancs, Southport & Formby and we will meet with you to agree a plan of action. We can do as little or as much as you want – as long as we do the things that really will make a difference to you – so that you can concentrate on getting fit.

Everybody needs help sometimes and however well-meaning friends, relatives and neighbours are not always best placed to do the things you really need when you need them.

Poppies West Lancs, Southport & Formby are the professionals – reliable, consistent and responsible.

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Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

Since 1980, Poppies has built up a reputation as being one of the country’s premier cleaning service providers. From regular housework to spring cleaning, we pride ourselves on delivering a high-quality service that’s tailored to our clients’ individual needs and makes a real difference in their lives.

However, there are times when life sets you back and you need more than just help with the housework. Perhaps you’re laid up while recovering from an illness, injury or accident, are currently pregnant, or have recently given birth and need to devote your time and attention to your newborn baby. Your family, friends and neighbours have all offered to help, but they simply can’t provide the level of assistance that you really need.

If you’re in a tough spot like this, Poppies’ Temporary Help service can be the helping hand you desperately need.

Ideal for those who require more than a one-off cleaning service but can’t quite commit to regular housework, Poppies’ Temporary Help service can look after all kinds of jobs around the house for you. We can do the cleaning and tidying, laundry and ironing, changing beds and washing up. If you’re unable to move around freely or have been left house-bound, we can also help you with out-of-home tasks like doing the shopping.

Our team of experienced domestic operatives not only provide an excellent cleaning service, but they take a friendly, caring and empathic approach to your situation. Whether you’re recovering from an operation or busy looking after a little one, we understand the difference that a clean, tidy and pleasant home can make. It can relieve stress, ease your recovery and even lift your mood.

Poppies’ Temporary Help service is here to take care of your housework, so you can focus on taking care of yourself.

Like all of our services, Poppies’ Temporary Help service is completely tailored to your needs. The service can include:

  • Cleaning — Including hoovering the carpets, mopping the floors, cleaning the counters and dusting the furniture. From your bedrooms and bathrooms to your kitchen and lounge, we can spruce up any and every part of your home.
  • General Tidying — Sometimes you just need someone to clear up the clutter, put things back where they belong and restore order and organisation to your home. We’re more than happy to do this.
  • Laundry & Ironing — Laundry is one of those jobs that can easily build up in the background without you realising it. From small garments to large items, Poppies will make sure you’re never without clean, fresh and neatly-folded clothes to wear. We’ll also take care of the ironing.
  • Washing Up — For most people, doing the dishes is one of the least favourite jobs around the house. But not for us. Whether your pots and pans require some serious elbow grease or you simply need someone to load the dishwasher, we’ll take care of all your washing up needs to keep your kitchen as clean as can be.
  • Changing Beds & Towels — It’s important to regularly change your bed sheets and towels. The experts say you should change bed sheets for a fresh set once a week and swap your towels two to three times a week. Keeping on top of this can be hard when you’re out of action, but Poppies will make sure you’re always using clean, fresh and hygienic bed sheets and towels.
  • Help with the Shopping — Doing the shopping can be impossible when you’re laid up or house-bound. That doesn’t mean you should be forced to survive off imperishables, though. Simply write us a shopping list and we’ll make sure your kitchen is fully stocked with fresh food.
Domestic Cleaning Services

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Written Specification

Before signing up for our Temporary Help service, we’ll visit your home for a consultation. This is so we can meet you in person, view your property and gain a full understanding of your needs and how our service can benefit you the most. You’ll then receive a written specification detailing what we’ll do on each visit and how much it’ll cost.


Continuity is key when it comes to our Temporary Help service. We’ll always try to send the same Poppies operative to your home, especially if you’re signing up for one month or longer. This helps us to deliver the most consistent service possible while allowing you to get familiar with your dedicated Poppies operative. It’s important to us that you feel comfortable, relaxed and at ease in your own home as your service is being carried out.

If, in the event of an illness or staff holiday, your Poppies operative can’t make it to your house, we’ll send out another suitable operative who’ll be fully briefed on your package, property and preferences.


Each and every Poppies operative is carefully recruited and highly-trained to provide a premium service. Just to be doubly sure, we employ Quality Control supervisors whose job it is to check that every cleaning session is carried out properly. They also ensure that, if your needs change over time, your service is adjusted promptly and accordingly.

If life is getting the best of you and you need a helping and caring hand around the house, get in touch with Poppies West Lancs, Southport & Formby today to get the Temporary Help service you need.

Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

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    Domestic Cleaning Services

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