Mattress Cleaning

Indulge in the comfort of a cosy and clean mattress with Poppies Mattress Care.  

We provide thorough bed and mattress cleaning services that keep your bed allergy-free, comfortable, and clean. Our team of professionals combines chemical-free and allergy-friendly mattress cleaning techniques to guarantee a refreshed and hygienic sleeping environment. Our mild cleaning agents leave your mattress feeling clean and fresh without hampering your health or the environment. 

The steam cleaning approach helps us remove all the stubborn stains or smells from your mattress. Our focus on detail extends beyond the obvious, producing a cozy sleeping area that enhances the atmosphere of your bedroom. 

Within our mattress cleaning and disinfecting process we utilize cutting-edge technologies like UV-C light to kill germs and eliminates dust mites and other foreign particles that have built up in your mattress. The end result leaves your mattress feeling refreshed, clean, and prepared for a restful night’s sleep.

Keeping your convenience in mind, our low-moisture cleaning option will allow you to use your bed shortly after the rejuvenating effects of our cleaning process. To safeguard the longevity of your mattress cleanliness, Poppies Mattress Cleaning Service offers an additional layer of protection through HEPA filtration. This superhero shield ensures an extended period of freshness, contributing to a healthier sleep environment and ensuring that your mattress remains a clean and safe space. 

In essence, Poppies Mattress Clean doesn’t just provide a cleaning service; we deliver a comprehensive mattress makeover tailored to the specific needs of your sleep sanctuary. Our goal is to create a cozy and clean environment where you can unwind, relax, and embrace the rejuvenation that a restful night’s sleep brings.

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  • " Just wanted to drop you a line to say really impressed with the thorough job that Tracy did yesterday – thank you for your continued professional service "

    - Kate (Exeter)

  • " Thank you to you and your team for a fantastic job yesterday. The house was spotless throughout. Thank you very much indeed!… "

    - Rachel (Topsham)

  • " We were indeed pleased to see, when we returned home last Tuesday, what a good job Poppies had done in our absence. It was a sight to behold as every where was sparkling "

    - FKM (Ormskirk)

  • " I am so happy to have a loyal, professional and hard working team to work for. I was given house cleaning services and the management make sure that you and the client are both happy before accepting the duty. I have now been given clients who are now my usual each week and I couldn't be happier, the families we work for are so greatful and appreciate all our hard work and I couldn't ask for a better supportive management team, they have an open door policy and are very supportive, not many people can say they enjoy work but I actually do and enjoy coming to work each day and the best thing is, they are very flexible and have suitable hours to suit all. "

    - Sarah - Poppies Employee

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