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Mature People

Inviting a stranger into your home can be a little daunting, especially if you’ve lived long enough to know that not everyone’s as decent and honest as you are. Which is why it’s a bit of a dilemma when you need some help with the cleaning but don’t know who you can trust. Fortunately, we’re as picky as you are, and we ensure all our cleaners are scrutinised and security-vetted before they ever come near your doorstep. And then we check they’ll be as careful with your possessions as you are and treat your home with the same respect that you do. You won’t be able to stop yourself liking our cleaners, and if you’d prefer the same one each time, we can usually arrange for that, all under our expert supervision.

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Busy Families

We know how it is. The children are turning the house upside-down and one of you (not you, obviously) likes to live in utter clutter. But you’d love the house to be clean and neat and tidy and you don’t have the time, never mind the inclination, to do the cleaning, neatening and tidying yourself. That’s where we can help. We won’t send you Mrs Overall, but we will supply you with a well-supervised cleaner who’ll care about your possessions as much as you do, gets on with the job, and is security-vetted so you know that you and your children will be safe. Our cleaners completely understand that the house is likely to be back to square one when they return next time, so don’t give that a second thought. And if you’re one of those lovely people who’re embarrassed about having a cleaner, just hide your copy of The Guardian and pretend you’ve done it all yourself!

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Not all of us have the chaos of a family around us, and whether we’re child-free, empty-nesters, single, or divorced, we’re professionals who like our homes to be a reflection of ourselves. That’s easier said than done, as we’re often time-poor even if we’re asset-rich, and that makes it harder to keep the house in the tip-top shape we expect. So we at Poppies have sourced just the people we’d want ourselves: efficient, decent and security-vetted cleaners who’ll treat your home and possessions like gold-dust and share the same high standards you set for yourself. You may not be tripping over Lego bricks, but you’ll be falling over yourself to have our cleaners back regularly once you’ve discovered how wonderful they are.

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Younger People

You may be young, but you certainly weren’t born yesterday – which is why we know you’ll appreciate our fuss-free and highly efficient cleaning service, all designed for people like you who’ve grown up with the internet, use Uber rather than hailing cabs, and just want a good job done well. If you want a cleaner who becomes part of your life, we can arrange that, but the chances are you just want someone reliable to keep your home clean, whether it’s a house, a studio or a flat-share. And our cleaners are thoroughly reliable, being security-vetted before they go anywhere near our clients, as well as highly discreet. What they see in the house stays in the house! You want your home to be beautiful, and so do they. Deal?

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