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At Poppies Wirral, we are completely committed to providing an excellent quality service to make your life easier. Whatever stage of life you’re at – whether you’re a mature person, a busy family, a professional, a younger person – we’re here for you.

Simply contact us and we’ll be in touch to talk and to give you the information you need to bring Poppies magic to your home.

Protecting Your Home and Family – Proudly, Personally, Properly

Every Poppies outlet is owned and operated by a local
person committed to provide a cleaning service to suit you.

Poppies Wirral are open for business. The safety of our clients and staff and their families is the highest priority for us. Staff have received extra training to follow our two-step “Clean then Sanitise” process to ensure that all services are provided to the highest standards of quality, hygiene and safety.

Poppies follow the Public Health England guidelines. In addition to the below guidelines all Poppies staff have PPE. 

  • Poppies cleaners will maintain a two-metre distance from any household occupant. Please do not take offense as our cleaners work in rooms alone with the door closed.
  • No work will be carried out in any household which is isolating or where an individual is being shielded.
  • No work will be carried out by a cleaner who has any coronavirus symptoms
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    Delighted to serve Wirral and the following areas:

    • Heswall
    • West Kirby
    • Neston
    • Willaston
    • Oxton
    • Hoylake
    • Bromborough
    • Moreton
    • Caldy
    • Ellesmere port
    • Wallasey
    • Birkenhead
    • Parkgate
    • Greasby
    Poppies Cleaning Services

    Who Are Poppies Wirral?

    At Poppies Wirral, we offer our high-quality cleaning services across the Wirral area, including Heswall, West Kirby, Neston, Willaston, Oxton and Hoylake.

    We offer bespoke cleaning services, to help make your life as easy as possible, and to give you the time to do the things that actually matter to you, without worrying about keeping your home in order. We can carry out weekly or fortnightly services, and will customise your service to your particular needs.

    Whether you’re always busy with work or family commitments, want to spend more time on your hobbies or side projects, or just don’t want to spend your free time cleaning, Poppies Wirral have the solution. Our bespoke cleaning plans are designed to work around your lifestyle and needs to give you the best possible solution to your cleaning dilemmas. 

    Poppies Wirral is one of the most highly respected cleaning services in the area, so we really know what we’re doing. Our team is highly trained and our attention to detail make us the go-to cleaning service across the Wirral Peninsula.

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    Why Choose Poppies Wirral?

    We aim to provide a personal, consistent and discrete service at all times. Each Poppies outlet is owned and operated by a local person who is responsible for your service. There is always a local phone number and local contact.

    • High-quality cleaning service

    At Poppies, we’re committed to providing our clients with the best cleaning service possible. Whether you sign up for a regular housework service or a simple spring cleaning session, our highly-trained domestic operatives treat your house as if it were their own, so you can look forward to returning home to a pleasant and peaceful environment.

    • Fully-trained cleaners

    The reason we’re so confident in our excellent service is that all of our domestic operatives are permanently employed by Poppies. We don’t source our cleaners from unreliable agencies; instead, our staff are carefully recruited, highly trained to our “poppies way” training programme and rewarded with quality jobs that provide a practical work-life balance. We believe a high-quality cleaning service begins with happy cleaners.

    • Bespoke package

    No matter which of our services you sign up for, you get a fully bespoke package. We’ll sit down with you beforehand to discuss your needs, so we can create a cleaning package that’s tailored to your situation and schedule. At Poppies, we put our clients first.

    • Decades of experience

    With 40 years of experience under our belts, we have a long and proud history of cleaning homes. Since launching in 1980, we’ve grown our business from a single branch into a thriving network of 22 franchises that collectively clean over 6,000 homes across the UK each week. Despite our heritage, we’ve managed to stay ahead of the competition by refining our operations and embracing new technology.

    • A friendly, caring approach

    We aren’t just committed to cleaning your home, but providing a service that makes a real difference to your life. Upholding the values upon which the late Sue Rorstad MBE founded Poppies in 1980, we take a friendly, caring and supportive approach to our work and strive to go above and beyond for our clients. Cleaning is our specialty, but people are our priority.

    • Continuity

    From experience, we know that an excellent and efficient cleaning service is built on continuity.  When you sign up, we’ll pair you with a suitable Poppies operative who’ll be your regular cleaner. This allows us to get to know your package, property and preferences inside out while giving you a friendly and familiar face that you can rely on every week.

    • Peace of mind

    We do our best to ensure that all of our clients receive the best and most consistent service possible. In addition to our team of highly trained and reliable operatives, we employ Quality control supervisors who routinely check that your service is spotless.

    • " We started Poppies as a temporary service, but we were so impressed we decided to have it on a weekly basis until further notice. "

      - Green (Bebington)

    • " I have used Poppies for several years and I am very happy with their service.They are professional and competent. The cleaners are highly trained, pleasant, trustworthy and reliable. "

      - MMJ - Bebington

    • " Having recently come out of hospital i needed some temporary help while i recovered. I don't know what i would of done without the help and the cleaner was so kind and helpful. "

      - Taylor (Oxton)

    • " Poppies recently came and cleaned our house from top to bottom! We were very impressed by there professionalism and quality. "

      - Butcher (Neston)

    • " For what was considered a ‘deep clean’, we were very impressed with every stage of service from the planning, actual cleaning to the aftercare. The staff are very pleasant and professional. "

      - TL (Heswall)

      What Makes Us Special?

      At Poppies Wirral, our dedicated team care deeply about the work they do and are always ready to go above and beyond for all of our clients. We are passionate about the service we offer and know the difference it can make to people’s lives, so we always endeavor to get great results every time.

      Our team of cleaners are all employed by Poppies, rather than being self-employed, zero-hours workers or contractors, so you can be sure you’ll have consistency in your service when you choose Poppies. This also means that we can ensure you’ll get the same cleaner every time, who can get to know you, your home and how you like things done. You’ll also be able to build a professional, positive relationship with your cleaner, and they can spend time working on the things that you need, rather than needing to get to know your home every single time.

      Our service packages are bespoke to every single client we work with, to ensure that your cleaning package meets all of your needs. Everyone is different, with different schedules, priorities, and the way they like their home, and at Poppies Wirral, we take the time to understand this. When you contact us, we’ll give you a free quote for your bespoke cleaning package, so you can understand the difference we can make to your life.

      So whether you’re looking for a regular cleaning package, or one of our one-off services, Poppies Wirral can help give you the time to spend on the things that you really care about.

      Domestic Cleaning Services

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      Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

      Our Services

      Regular Housework

      Our regular housework packages are created with you in mind, to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you need from our service. Whether it’s washing up, a quick tidy or doing a round of laundry, our cleaners are equipped with all the skills and equipment to leave your home sparkling every single time.

      We can provide weekly or fortnightly regular services, to help keep your home looking its best every day of the year. Our team will work collaboratively with you to create a solution that works for you and your home. Your cleaner will also always be the same, so they have the time to get to know your home and how you like to run it.

      Moving House and Services to Landlords

      Moving house can be an incredibly exciting time, so don’t let the thought of having to do the deep clean put a dampener on your plans. Wirral can offer cleaning services for when you’re moving house, to leave your home as good as new for the next residents, without any stress or elbow grease needed while you pack up your home.

      We also offer services for landlords, to help make your home look perfect for your new tenants. Old tenants might not leave the property in a state you’d really like to show it off in, but with Poppies, you can ensure your flat is warm, clean and welcoming for your next tenants, to give them the best possible first impression.

      Temporary Help

      If you find yourself struggling, often cleaning and tidying is the last thing on your mind. Injury, illness, bereavement and a variety of other things can knock you off your feet, and leave the housework piling up.

      At Poppies, we offer temporary help to let you focus on yourself when life throws you a curveball. You don’t have to worry about getting your home in order or keeping on top of the laundry, as you can be confident our team will carry all the housework out to the highest standards, while you focus on yourself again.

      Laundry and Ironing

      Laundry and ironing can be the bane of many people’s lives. Laundry is one of the most universally hated household tasks, so make sure that you never get caught short again when you leave the washing too long!

      Poppies Wirral laundry and ironing service will make sure that your clothes are always looking their best, and that there’s always something to wear! We’ll take the best possible care of your clothes as well, so you won’t be left with your favourite jumper shrinking to half the size either!

      One-off Cleaning Services

      Sometimes a full, regular cleaning service is a bit more than you need, but a helping hand getting started is perfect. This is where our one-off cleaning services can help. Our cleaners will give your home a top to bottom deep clean, to give you the boost it needs to look amazing.

      Whether it’s you annual spring clean, a tidy up after the kids have gone back to school or a quick clean up before Christmas party season, our one-off cleaning services are perfect for you.

      Independent Living Assistance

      As we get older, keeping your home clean, tidy and in an order that actually works for you can be something that is increasingly difficult. It can even make living independently a struggle rather than something to be enjoyed. At Poppies Wirral, we can give you the help you need to remain independent for as long as possible.

      With our Independent Living Assistance service, your cleaner will always be the same, so you can build a relationship with them and they’ll get to know your home and how you like to keep it. We’re always happy to go above and beyond for our clients as well, so if you need a pint of milk picked up or a letter sent off in the post, we can help with that too!

      You can also enquire about Independent Living Assistance for a family member or loved one, to help them maintain their independence for as long as possible.

      Second Home Services

      You second home is an escape, and gives you the perfect place to run away to when life gets stressful. The last thing you want it to become is a burden, and with Poppies Wirral, we can make sure this never happens. 

      Our second home services can be carried out before, during or after your stay, to keep it looking clean, comfortable and beautiful every time you visit. We can turn on the heaters, turn down beds and even leave a welcome pack for you before you arrive, carry out regular cleaning during your stay, and give the house a deep clean once you leave.

      Light Commercial Cleaning

      It’s not just your home that can benefit from the Poppies touch, but your office or workspace as well! We carry out light commercial cleaning for a wide variety of workspaces, and our cleaners are trained in the highest quality cleaning methods for commercial and industrial spaces.

      Having a clean, bright, sparkling office space can show off your attention to detail, professionalism and the care your company takes to give any visitors to your office or workspace the best possible first impression.

      Contact Us

      To find out more about Poppies Wirral and our services, or to book your free consultation and quote with us, contact our team on 0151 342 9780 today.

      Domestic Cleaning Services

      Who Is Poppies For?

      Young Professionals

      As a young professional, trying to find time for everything isn’t easy. You want to work hard and get ahead in your career, but you also recognise the importance of maintaining a social life and enjoying your youth while you still can. In this endless tug-of-war for your time, it’s easy for the housework to get overlooked. But that doesn’t mean your house or flat has to suffer. With our comprehensive cleaning services, Poppies will look after the housework so you can dedicate more time to doing what makes you happy.


      Any parent knows just how challenging it is to keep your home clean and tidy, especially when you have young children! Between juggling work, looking after the kids and somehow making time for yourself and your partner, it’s easy for the housework to fall by the wayside when you have such a busy schedule. That doesn’t mean your home should suffer, though. Whether you need a regular housework service or a one-off cleaning session, Poppies are here to spruce up your home so you can concentrate on what’s most important: spending time with your family.

      Senior Citizens

      Retirement shouldn’t be a chore. Unfortunately, that’s the case for many older people, especially when it comes to taking care of the housework. Those domestic tasks that were once routine may now be physically challenging, if not impossible. Poppies can provide the helping hand that you need. With our Independent Living Assistance service, we can keep your home clean and tidy, as well as defrosting your fridge/freezer and changing your beds. Our friendly, experienced and supportive team are here to help you remain independent and enjoy your golden years.

      If you have a relative or a loved one who could benefit from our Independent Living Assistance service, you can organise this on their behalf.

      Domestic Cleaning Services
      [email protected] 0151 342 9780