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Would YOU like a flexible, well-paid job that really helps local people?

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Flexible Hours

We offer highly flexible working hours that can fit around your family, other jobs, studies and other commitments.

Working with Poppies is perfect for dedicated and passionate people looking for flexible work, including busy mums, like our founder Sue Rorstad, who started the business to spend more time with her young children. Poppies can offer permanent, part-time jobs with hours to fit your family commitments.

Are you only able to work some days or between certain times? If you are reliable and hard-working, and can work at least 3 hours per session, then we often have jobs available.

Some businesses have seasonal vacancies – particularly at Christmas and during the Summer – which are often ideal for students.

Well Paid

As a Poppies’ employee you will earn a competitive rate of pay plus travel allowances and paid holiday. Training is given and uniform provided.  No one is expected to collect cash from customers or work out their own tax.

A Company That Values Its Staff

We know that experienced, reliable and passionate domestic operatives are hard to find, which is why we go to extra lengths to reward and value our staff. When the late Sue Rorstad MBE founded Poppies in 1980, she wanted her business to recognise and respect its employees as more than just “cleaners” and reward them properly for their commitment to their work.

We’re proud to provide employment opportunities that are safe, secure, flexible, fulfilling and fairly-paid. Many of our domestic operatives are busy mums who have lots of responsibilities to juggle outside of work, which is why we work with you to fit your schedule around your other responsibilities so you can achieve a practical work-life balance.

However, if you have the time and desire to take on more responsibility and further your career within the Poppies business, then we’re here to guide and support your transition into roles such as team leader, manager, supervisor or office assistant. There’s nothing more rewarding for us as employers than watching our staff discover their strengths, develop their skills and find genuine satisfaction in their work.

Whatever your personal situation or professional ambitions, one thing remains true for all Poppies: we believe in maintaining great relationships between franchise owners, managers and their teams, and cultivating a positive and co-operative working environment. Because happy clients start with happy employees.

Permanently Employed

Unlike other cleaning companies, we don’t source our staff through unreliable external agencies, nor do we force them to be self-employed or work on a casual gig basis. All of our colleagues are employed directly by us, meaning you get all the benefits of permanent employment with the added perk of choosing flexible working hours that suit you.

As a “Poppie,” you’ll receive full training, a uniform and are properly insured while at work, as well as paid holidays, sick days, conflict resolution, support and experience from a close-knit team, and opportunities to further your career with Poppies.

You don’t need to worry about going out and finding your own clients or collecting money. With a loyal customer base and services that are geared towards regular contracts, cleaning sessions are arranged for you, so you can focus on the job at hand and rest assured that there is always enough work to keep you going.

What’s more, working for Poppies offers you excellent job security. As a Poppies operative, you’ll be employed by a company that’s been around for a long time (40 years and counting!), remains a prominent brand within a healthy and robust market, and has a bright future ahead of it. There will always be a demand for domestic cleaners, and so long as that’s the case, Poppies will continue to blossom.

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Great Prospects

If you want extra responsibilities – there are opportunities for team leaders, supervisors, office assistants and managers.  We help and encourage employees who want to progress and will support staff who aspire to own and operate their own Poppies business.

A Valuable, Local Service

Housework is hard work, but done properly it makes a big difference to many people. It can also keep you fit!

Most of our work is for regular clients many of whom really do depend upon Poppies for reliable practical help.

For some clients our service is essential for them to remain living independently in their own home. Wherever possible we try to match regular employees with regular clients so that our service has an extra personal dimension.

It’s Good for Your Health!

Working for Poppies not only means you’ll be providing your local community with a valuable service, but it allows you to make a positive impact in your own life, too. Being a domestic operative is an active job — it requires you to roll up your sleeves, be able to bend or twist your body, and stay on the go for hours at a time.

The physical demands of the job can pay dividends for your health and fitness levels — just ask 42-year-old Angela Jackson, who lost six stone (just over 38kg) since joining Poppies West Lancs as domestic operative in 2016. Angela hates going to the gym, but working for Poppies has allowed her to shed some pounds while finding a sense of achievement that you can’t get from toiling away on a treadmill!

Furthermore, having an active, calorie-burning job like domestic cleaning can be a boon not just for your physical health, but your mental health, too. Because physical activity triggers the release of feel-good endorphins in our brains and hormones in our bodies, it has been linked to improved moods, higher energy levels and better sleep while helping to manage stress, anxiety and depression in a healthy and productive way.

As a domestic cleaner, you aren’t just sprucing up peoples’ homes, you’re helping to tidy up and declutter your own mind!

Why not become part of our friendly team? Poppies’ employees must be reliable and honest, pay attention to detail and have a positive and caring attitude to work. If this sounds like you then please contact your local Poppies outlet who would love to hear from you.

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