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Poppies South Tyne and Wear offer a dedicated cleaning service that helps to make life easier for customers and frees up valuable time to do the things you enjoy.

Poppies’ domestic cleaning services are suitable for people of all ages, and each service is tailored to suit the user’s needs.

Our expertly trained cleaners are dedicated to providing a service that exceeds your expectations. Regular services see the same cleaner being used, so you can experience consistency and understand what is expected.

Whether you are struggling to balance work and home life, are moving home, or are interested in independent living assistance, Poppies is here to help by providing a reliable, trustworthy service across South Tyneside and Wear from South Shields to Sunderland.

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Poppies South Tyne and Wear

Poppies South Tyne and Wear covers a range of locations across the North East including Low Fell, Whickham, Jarrow, Hebburn, Gateshead, and South Shields in South Tyne. Wear areas covered include Sunderland, Boldenlow Fell, and Whitburn.

The flexible cleaning services Poppies offer along Tyne and Wear make it easy for you to enjoy a cleaner home without the hassle. We offer tailored services to suit your needs and ensure the cleaning work carried out is to the highest standard with local Tyne South Wear cleaners.

Local cleaning staff provide a range of domestic services and are available for regular weekly cleans, less regular services, or one-off options that can help to prepare a property for visitors, sale, or a moving-in date.

We aim to exceed your expectations and ensure all of our cleaning staff across South Tyne and Wear are trained to exceptional standards. Our trustworthy service is always carried out by reliable, hard-working, reference-checked cleaning experts.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote to learn more about Poppies’ cleaning services on offer across South Tyne and Wear.

Delighted to serve South Tyne & Wear and the following areas:

South Tyneside:

  • Low Fell
  • Gateshead
  • Whickam
  • Heburn
  • Jarrow
  • South Shields


  • Sunderland
  • Whitburn
  • BoldenLow Fell
  • Cleaner Gateshead
  • Cleaner Whickam
  • Cleaner Heburn
  • Cleaner Jarrow
  • Cleaner South Shields
  • Cleaner Sunderland
  • Cleaner Whitburn
  • Cleaner BoldenLow Fell

Poppies South Tyne & Wear Local Office:

Poppies North Ltd
Communication House
Brunswick Industrial Estate
Brunswick Village
Newcastle NE13 7BA

[email protected]

0191 509 0499



  • "Poppies are a great company to work for and the hours fit perfectly around my children being in school."

    Ashleigh - Poppies Employee

  • "I love working for this company, my best job ever. I love working with all the staff its like a family"

    Lyndsay - Poppies Employee

  • "Great company to work for. Lots of work benefits. Good staff team and great management too!! "

    Steven - Poppies Employee

  • "I have worked at Poppies for almost 2 years and they are great to work for. You know exactly what you are doing and where you will be doing it. It's brilliant for anyone who needs a bit of flexibility with hours etc. I've always found Rob and Michaela extremely approachable and very organised and having worked for some people who are the complete opposite, this goes a long way. You get to meet lovely people and, because you normally have regular clients, you get to know them a little and that is such a nice aspect of the job. I've always said that the better you are treated, the more you will be inclined to go that extra mile with a smile on your face rather than a grimace and that is definitely the case with Poppies."

    Christine - Poppies Employee

  • " I am so happy to have a loyal, professional and hard working team to work for. I was given house cleaning services and the management make sure that you and the client are both happy before accepting the duty. I have now been given clients who are now my usual each week and I couldn't be happier, the families we work for are so greatful and appreciate all our hard work and I couldn't ask for a better supportive management team, they have an open door policy and are very supportive, not many people can say they enjoy work but I actually do and enjoy coming to work each day and the best thing is, they are very flexible and have suitable hours to suit all."

    Sarah - Poppies Employee

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    Laundry Pickup

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      Cleaning FAQs

      How Do I pay for my Regular Service?

      We do not want payment pay in cash. Poppies’ staff cannot accept cash on our behalf.

      We will invoice the first session(s) until we are both sure that the service level suits you.

      Afterwards, you can continue to receive invoices and pay by cheque– although this will usually attract an administrative surcharge to cover the cost of cheque processing, stationery and stamps.

      We generally encourage clients to pay by regular monthly standing order as this helps spreads payments evenly throughout the year. Your local office will arrange this for you. If for whatever reason we fail to provide a scheduled service, we will refund the cost of that service directly to your chosen bank account.

      Do Poppies Supply cleaning products and Equipment?

      Poppies do need to make sure that the products and all equipment used by our staff is both safe and fit for purpose. We know from long experience that many regular customers have their own preferred brands, concentrations, formulas and scents chosen from the increasing variety of available products. Since its inception Poppies has always been willing to accept and use our client’s own products and equipment. We can recommend and will supply (at extra cost) cleaning materials, products and equipment for regular clients if required. For most spring clean and one-off jobs Poppies will expect to supply all necessary materials and equipment.

      See all FAQs
      [email protected] 0191 509 0499