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Mature People

Keeping your home clean can be more of a challenge when you’re older – either through infirmity or because you realise that life’s just too short to spend time on boring things like that.

But the house won’t clean itself, as they say, and while Quentin Crisp had a point when he observed that there’s no need to do housework as the dust doesn’t get any worse after the first four years, most of us do want our surroundings to be clean and tidy.

The problem is who to trust. There are those who think anyone older was born yesterday, some who see the older generation as easy prey, and others who think they can get away with a slapdash job because you won’t make a fuss.

We don’t employ people like that. Our cleaners are decent, hard-working people who are security-vetted and supervised and treat your home and your things with the same respect they have for their own.

Domestic Cleaning Services
Poppies Domestic Cleaning Services

They’ll get to know you and the way you like things to be done, and if you’d like to have the same cleaner each time, we can usually arrange that.

Our cleaners take an old-fashioned pride in their work and will do everything they can to keep you comfortable in your home. We know you’ll be just as comfortable with them, too.

Like to know more? Then give us a call and ask us how we can make your life easier, and cleaner.

  • " You may be interested to know that I have had an immediate offer on my house for the asking price, and I’m sure that Poppies spring clean had a good deal to do with it!…. Thank you "

    - CH (Parbold)

  • " Just wanted to drop you a line to say really impressed with the thorough job that Tracy did yesterday – thank you for your continued professional service "

    - Kate (Exeter)

  • " Just wanted to say a big thank you 4 saving me the hassle and stress. You’ve done a fantastic job and I’ve been telling everyone what a god send you lot are! "

    - MN (Lathom)

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