Toilet seat stains are common and can be caused by product build-up, urine, fake tan, dead skin, mineral deposits and certain cleaning products. The stains can range from orange to yellow to brown or green, depending on the cause of the stain. Seeking advice, one woman took to a Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips on Facebook to ask how to go about removing “yellow” toilet seat stains.

Posting an image of the state of her stained toilet seat, Ronda Clifton wrote: “Hi all the underneath of my toilet seat has been stained with these yellow marks. Any tips on how to get it white again?”

As previously mentioned, yellow stains on toilet seats have many potential causes. However, for those who are not sure what caused the yellow stains, it’s best to err on the side of caution and assume they’re from urine. This is because urine stains are more difficult to remove than other types of stains.

The get rid of the stains, the majority of cleaning enthusiasts suggested using a 90p cleaning spray, many will be familiar with – Elbow Grease All Purpose Degreaser.

Rachel Marsh said: “Do not use bleach on toilet seats, bleach turns it yellow. I use Elbow Grease, it’s amazing.”

Replying to the comment, Ronda said: “Yes, I think it was bleach that made my toilet seat go yellow in the first place.”

Frankie Timms wrote: “Elbow Grease, mine did the same and it’s now bright white and there was no scrubbing involved.”

Jackie Leech recommended: “Spray Elbow Grease and leave it for a while. The yellow stains will disappear in 10 minutes and the seat comes up like new.

Louise Caner said: “I have used Elbow Grease on mine. Leave it for 10 minutes and the yellow stains come away.”

In response to Louise’s comment, Sharon McDonald wrote: “I do exactly the same, Elbow Grease is marvellous for cleaning lots of things.”

Elbow Grease is an all-purpose degreaser that claims to be “the only cleaner you’ll ever need”. It can be used on fabrics, metals, and plastics.

For those who don’t already own this spray, it can be picked up from Wilko for 90p and from Asda and Amazon for £1.25.

Other Mrs Hinch fans suggested using The Pink Stuff Paste with minimal scrubbing to lift the stains. Julie Kenny wrote: “Pink stuff applied with scrunched up silver foil, comes up like new.”

Nora Parsons said: “Zinc wool scourer and any cleaner, mine comes up brand new again, I use The Pink Stuff Paste. Don’t use bleach.”

Wendy Lockwood commented: “Pink Stuff Paste, but don’t rub too hard as you don’t want to ruin the seat.”

Jane Ryder added: “My toilet seat was covered in yellow stains and now it’s stain-free thanks to this pink paste.”

Chris Wootton, managing director of domestic cleaning business, Poppies, told that going down the natural route of using baking soda is actually a great way to remove yellow toilet seat stains, rather than using bleach or other chemicals.

He said: “One of the most effective ways to remove these stains from a toilet seat is by creating a baking soda paste coupled with a lot of elbow grease.

“Like when removing limescale from a toilet bowl, only using bleach does just half a job – the stains will become invisible, but the route of the problem will still be there, causing stains to return quickly while becoming deeper-set in the surface of the seat.”

Measure a quarter cup of baking soda, add roughly 50ml of warm water and proceed to mix until it is a paste. Then, with a wet towel, wipe the seat and apply the paste to the stained surfaces. Leave this paste for an additional 10 minutes, then scrub hard in a circular motion with a soft, damp scouring pad until the stains disappear.

Finally, rinse the surfaces with clean water, spray disinfectant over the surfaces one more time and dry with a clean towel. Chris added: “Not only does this process lift any deep-set stains in the toilet seat, but will also deodorise any smells that you may have unknowingly become blind to.”

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